Friday, December 16, 2005

RoAd TriP!!

woot~! Leon took me on a Road Trip to the East the whole morning-evening, where his house is.. He came and pick me up at 11am, and took me for double breakfast~! haha.. one is some kaya toast and half boiled egg, and the other, the famous katong laksa.. It was quite filling for me, as my stomache was quite occupied from yesterdays' food.. haha..
So, after the release of what is leftover from yesterday, my stomach is all ready for lunch... lol.. But anyway, it was not time for lunch yet..took me to see big big houses with nice nice cars. The houses are like.. mansions... They have very long driveways, some even got a mini rainforest inside them... Got lost somewhere in the maze of beautiful houses and eventually took me back to his house and lepakked around there for a while.. Then, he took me to some very nice condo nearby with a very recreational swimming pool.. haha.. too bad i dind't bring my swimming trunks.. otherwise, would have just went to dip into the water for a while..
Had prawn noodles for lunch before going to Kim's house to pick up some stuff to be donated to the salvation army.. After all that, they went to queensway mall to do some shopping while i had to get back from the MRT station over there cause i had carolling performance.
Speaking of the performace, we sang at some SRC event at Yunnan Corner. It was my first time stepping foot into the building. We only sang for like 15 minutes and then we were invited to their buffet dinner!! haha.. It was delicious... they had spaghetti, pizza, lots of nice tid bits! Oh, and there was an ang mo 'santa claus' and alot of children running around.. The ang mo kids were so cute.. Haha.. it was fun watching the kids play, surrounding santa claus; taking pictures, etc.
Hmm... there goes my long day.. haha.. walked all the way back to hall and spent another 1 hour or so talking in the music room... FInally, going back tmr!! can't wait.... haha


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