Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas 2005~

It's the time of the year for christmas~! Went out for a fellowship session with my church friends after midnight mass... There was mag, ben, kelvin, von, adrienna and i.. The group's getting smaller through the years.. But heck, hope it still remains as a 'tradition' for the years to come.. Came home rather late.. 3 plus if i'm not mistaken

Then.. morning came~! And it was like last time.. preparation for christmas party~! (well, so i call it one).. There were a few new faces this year for christmas, namely; christy and mr steven goh.. Goh made splendid dishes, with different varieties of chicken and beef dishes... and some weird nyonya appetizer.. Then Christy made some curry chicken (which was too spicy for my own good), rosemary made spaghetti and there were lots of stuffs actually.. haha.. some new dishes from grace also; garlic bread and salad..
And me? what did i do.. well, i was being appointed as the 'basin executive' this time.. Washing dishes!.. :-/

People started coming at 1 plus.. and for my friends, they only started to arrive at 3 plus.. There was omega, von, licia and jason.. Shake couldn't make it as she had some stuffs to do at home (shifting house).. Ate a bit, chat a lil'.. Sat at the round table till later, yee hui arrived, then jit vern and brandon.. Later, accompanied by jill and pinkie... We played happy family (while waiting for their arrival) sad rite? haha.. then later, when there's more ppl, brandon introduced this game called 'snap'.. it's a different version of snap and i wouldn't want to explain how the game is like over here...

Stayed and chatted till like 5 plus.. 6... Then, jill, chin ping and i decided to pay chee lim a visit.. (since she just arrived home from UK).. stayed there for like around 10-15 min and we left.. haha.. talk about a quick visit... Went home, ate the leftovers for dinner.. and the time that all of us have been waiting for..."OPENING PRESENTS"~!!

I still remmeber the time when we were still kids.. we would fight and argue who would be the one whose supposed to give out presents every year.. and i was always looking forward to my turn.. until.. well.... i grew older and it never really reached my turn... Not so anxious bout it anymore. This year's christmas was quite brief.. i think, not even 2 hours.. mainly cause of the absence of my eldest sister.. Presents are fewer..(but of higher quality).. but all in all, it's still FUN~!! haha.. had some good laughs.. before long, there goes christmas~! For one moment, christmas is just a day away.. and the nxt moment, it's 364 more days to go....


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