Sunday, December 04, 2005

guess being alone ain't that fun anymore... last time, i would rather have the whole day all by myself.. but then.. there's nothing much to do... well, there are alot... but not much motivation to do so anymore.. i want to do something more exciting.... an adventure...
but what have i done for the past few days? i've been studiously sticking my nose in front of story books.. finished harry potter in like 2-3 days.. and 'the alchemist' in one day; yesterday... cause there wasn't any electricity in hall from morning till night and i've got no computer to play with.. sighz...

and today... i woke up late for church.. (damn, the choir ppl are sure gonna get mad at me.. just last week they were complaining bout ppl not turning up deliberately).. only managed to wake up at noon.. (there goes my whole morning)
decided to clean up the room abit.. but all i did was just to sweep the floor.. haha... better than nothing i guess..

guess the only thing i do that i think is benfecial to me is to jog around the 199 bus route.. gonna train up my stamina~! and lose all those fats for being a couch potato in front of the comp.. even took the 'courage' to turn down a supper invitation. haha.. partly cause i only have $2 in my wallet... lol..

guess tmr's a new and exciting day for me~!! wonder what will happen then... =)

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