Tuesday, December 13, 2005

East Coast~!

Well, well.. i guess today (or yesterday) will be the last major outing that i will have for this year. And it's the East Coast. I can remember the last time i went there. Think it was with my sister like 2-3 yearse ago. But at that time, i couldn't really explore that place thoroughly. However, this time... there were 5 of us who went there; the usual 4 of us and xian ching. We started off by meeting up in mei yuet's room at 10am, had some light breakfast there and then set off to JP to buy our lunch and teatime; TunA and bread~!
Reached east coast at around 130pm after getting lost once in a while in parkway parade, trying to look for the underpass....
Anyway, first thing we did was EAT~! haha, found a spot somewhere, settled down there for lunch. Need the energy for all the activities that we planned to do. First, we played roller blades~! It's my first time on them, and as expected, i can even hardly stand when i first tried it out. I think i've fallen like 20 times throughout the whole 2 hours but in return, managed to well, at least move around a decently moderate speed with only a few imbalanced body once in a while.

After that, we wanted to go kayaking.. But unfortunately for us, we dind't know the rental place was so freaking far away. Kind of wasted almost 30-45 minutes trying to find tht place. And when we finally reached the boat rental place, it's closed... sighz.. rental's only from 11-5pm and we were there at 520pm. How unlucky of us.. So instead, we decided to have our tea time and we found a 'spot' at the top of a rock on the beach. The scenary was quite nice from up there (apart from all the ships in the far end of the ocean).
Played with water after lepakking for quite a long time at the rock. It was almost night time, almost 7 if i'm not mistaken.. Too bad didn't take any pictures there.. haha.. would be quite nice though..
After taking our shower, off we go again scourching for dinner.. For us, it's either nice and expensive food, or cheap and tasteless food. We walked walked around and surprisingly, we hit a jackpot~! There's this place calle d the Hawaiian BBQ Buffet. It's $19.90 per person but because kian hwat had an OCBC debit card (which has a VISA on it), the meal became a one for one. And since there's 5 of us, the 5th person need to pay only 20% of the meal. So, we went in.. and there was this table (buffet style) with fish and chips, spaghettis and some other tid bits. So, we thought tht was it lar... But see see, there's this "set" thing.. haha.. THere was PLENTY of prawns, almost limitless, sotongs, roasted chicken, sausages, lamb, beef, crab sticks, and all sorts of other delicious foods.. The waitresses will just go around, adding more food of different delicacies each time~! It was like paradise to us.. Too good to be true~! We were so afraid that there was some catch to it and we'll pay something far more expensive than what we're believed to.
By the end of the day, all of us filled our stomach till 150% (there goes dieting for the girls) and there comes the bill~! haha, it totalled up to $95. When we checked the bill, then only we know that the extra charge came from the drinks~! Actually, we could have just plain water, but some smart friend ordered a gigantic size of hawaiian tea (which was delicious btw) with a big slice of pineapple at the side of the cup. But although it came up to $19 per person, it was still quite worth it lar, since we enjoyed ourselves so much with the food.. haha...
Reached JP at 1215 and there goes our last bus to NTU.. But we took a 243 bus that drops us in extension and we stayed over night in mei yuet's room.. And here i am, blogging while 2 of them are busy sleeping while the other one is busy uploading pics to her friendster.. haha... (xian ching went back to his hall and sleep)
Guess tmr's gonna be a rest day... am gonna need it i think..

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