Saturday, December 10, 2005

Choir Performance & Holland Village Outing

After weeks of practise, it has come to the day for our first paid performance.. It's held in capital square where we're supposed to sing for some dinner function. (actually, it's just a buffet for the residence of that hotel)
Anyway, the pre-performance was quite disastrous.. The equipments are supposed to be set up at 430 (cause supposed to start at 445) but the logistics ppl only left school at 430.. in the end, the only reached at 530, and since they are one hour late, we started one hour late.
But the performance was quite alright lar. Despite that was the first time when everyone actually gathered around and sing together for the first time. Haha, usually,only had different different group of people at for different practises. But our real saviour was tat wee.. Who was 'fated' to be with us. He was assigned to take pictures for the hall's publicity but ended up conducting for us cause we desperately in need of one, and we didn't had one originally.
Ended at around 730 and the management invited us for their buffet. It wasn't really a very grand thing.. just a simple buffet, but it's do-able lar..

Later, went back to hall, only had around half an hour's rest b4 heading out to holland village with mei yuet they all. When we reached there, couldn't decide where to go. It was either Eski, Wallas, or B.O.N.D. Finally, half-heartedly we went to Eski.. haha.. ordered a few drinks which costs us around $60, It's so damn cold inside.! They had this freezer room and is literally as cold as a freezer.. It was damn cool, sat there, took lots of crazy pictures, chit chatted and headed off for supper at a food court nearby before heading back to ntu. Quite a tiring day, but it was well worth it i guess..


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