Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bugis, Esplanade & Clark Quay

Yet, another full-day outing for today. But this time, it's more tiring than the previous ones even though came back slightly earlier.. haha.. probably cause we went 'shopping' at Bugis Street. Anyway, i kinda reluctantly woke up by kian hwat's phone call, saying that he's gonna ta pau food to eat in mei yuet's room and asked if i'm ready anot. haha... and since i was sleeping.. well... *ahem*

Oh, then was at JP for a while, and there was this Snoopy and Friends Christmas thingy.. haha.. so adorable.. with Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the girl mascots dancing with 2 hot ladies.. and the kids all follow them dancing.. lol... Wish i were still a kid, then can go down, jump jump around, and get to hug that big giant dog..

Then, i kind of dragged Ian down to bugis with me as well... haha.. feel sorry for him though.. had to accompany me venture through the mazes of girl's clothes in bugis street.. Then he wanted to go to Royal Sporting House to get some stuff (which he called it by a differnt name, dunno what Ricks-ee-r House or smtg like that) but in the end, ended up sitting in World Sports talking cause tht place don't have RSH.

After Ian left, I went back to bugis street and had dinner there, then we headed to esplanade to walk walk and take pictures (lots of them) along the way.Walked all the way to fullerton hotel area and was too lazy to walk back to MRT station from there. Therefore, we took a bus that dropped us in Harbour Front. Was the first time i was there.. haha.. the complex there is quite huge though.. But anyway, we reluctantly went to clark quay (all of us were too fatigue cause of all the walking) and took a quick walk and taking pictures (again) with a low health battery camera.. All these outings really kinda drained the life force out of all of us.. But then again, should enjoy while we could. Think it's gonna be a rather quiet week once mei yuet's friend returns to malaysia.


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