Friday, December 09, 2005

Bbeen spending most of my time in hall now... with choir practises every night from tuesdays to thursdays... and tmr's the performance day~!! haha.. dunno how it'll turn out... some of the things are quite impromptu..
apart from choir... spent my past few days playing comp games.. haha... my "unfinished" GTA:San Andreas and a new game; The Matrix: Path of Neo... The latter is a butt-kicking game~! with cool moves and stunt... haha..
anywayy... at least, now i'm kinda starting to be 'undetached' from my room.. went to zouk again on wed night, (been there 2 weeks in a row now) , this time with mei yuet, her kl friend "pui lee" and kian hwat.. it was quite enjoyable.. guess there's really a difference when going out with guys and gonig out with girls.. hahaha.. oh well..
then went to orchard today... but dind't stay too long, as i have my choir practise at 8 and my friend wasn't feeling that well.. better to accompany her back..
Has been living a very unhealthy lifestyle.. sleeping at around 5 plus for the past 4 nights.. haha.. guess hve to bertaubat liao..

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