Tuesday, November 29, 2005

yummy yummy.. sushi buffet~!! never thought i would eat so much in singapore.. haha.. at first, i already had lunch back in my own hall at around 1... then i went to north spine to do some photostating and since there's quite alot to photostat, decided to come back later... so, went to find chsiung in hall 5.. watched him play dota and then suddenly lit ting they all say they're going for sushi buffet at 3 and asked me to come along.. and well, i can't resist such offer.. and voila~! haha.. went to bkt batok and whacked all the sushis there.. eat until really cannot stuff anymore in the stomach already... lol

though, never had a real rest today.. came back, straight went for carolling practise.. and finally~! i get to read harry potter:half blood prince!! sister bought it.. haha.. that'll keep me company for a few days..


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