Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well well, things are starting to get busy...Have to attend 2 meetings today, that covers both my afternoon and late evening time, then church in the morning.. and tmr, i'll have to spend the whole day under the hot sun organising for the singapore brainhunt event.. And to the expense of entertainment; have to skip class outing, and outings with friends..
sighz, banner designing, come out with a e-newsletter, hall carolling, and soon, hall dance... wah~! i want my PIG life~! what happeend to the good old days when i can sleep like a pig, eat like a pig and live like a pig..



JV said...

Gone are those days, man... You could get back there if you WANT to... haha... but then you just coulnd't help it, could you? So, three cheers for you and hope you'll still be in one piece after it all

Chee Lim said...

Hello? Any1 remembers me?