Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Return of the 4-eye..

hmm.. if it's not for mr sim, my blog will still be growing mushrooms.. (who are btw, almost 3 months old now)
things are abit slow-paced at the moment.. exam papers that has to be sat, books that i can't stand, and errands to run... fortunately for me, i had a one week break in ipoh.. but basically, all i did was to sleep, eat, and going out with ppl once in a while.. probably the most beneficial thing i did was to go for badminton with euwen.. and i was reluctant to go at first, cause i kinda slept at 5am in the morning then badminton is at 8am.. but oh well, he woke me up early in the morning like nobody's business and cheated me, telling me that breakfast is on him...
and things that i look forward to, like getting one whole collection of twins MV from sinnyi wasn't achieved.. oh well.. looking forward to christmas holidays..


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