Sunday, November 27, 2005

The end of 1st Sem

almost 5 months has passed now since i came to singapore... and how time flies.. it's the end of sem 1 already.. I still remember when i first step foot into NTU, staying 'illegally' with my sister, going for FOCs.. Then, when i first got my room in the midst of a camp, meeting different ppl.. Hmm.. i realised that i had the chance to actually know alot of different ppl in singapore and to be part of them; the Catholic Society ppl, the Hall ppl, the Malaysian Society (MSA) ppl.. Instead, i only chose to really know the malaysian ppl in my lecture group, and only certain group of ppl in MSA..

Actually, i think i've been using language barrier as an excuse not to know and hang out with them better. There are ppl who are worse in their language, and yet still maintain a very good rapport with ppl... oh well, i guess, it's really time to change the mindset.. But i guess it's gonna take some time..

Anyway, had erm, a quite enjoyable and tiring day lar... went to Sim Lim Square in Bugis, Queenstown, Chinatown for dinner, Clark Quay for a 'digesting' walk.. and i bought this mini vaccuum cleaner from Sim Lim Square; USB power operated.. lol... and as expected, the suction power kinda sucks.. (no pun included).. can only suck very light dust particles, including hair.. paper also cannot really lift up that high.. haha..oh well, so much for wanted to buy smtg 'different'..


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