Thursday, November 24, 2005

Decorations in Orchard Road

Orchard Road is so beautiful~!! It's somehow different viewing from a car window compared to a bus window.. The lightings over your head, seems endless as it began to shrink down the road.. christmas decorations on both left and right sides, huge christmas trees and by far, the most 'exaggerated' decoration is in centre point.. with large M&Ms clinging to the front of the building..
too bad there wasn't any camera.. otherwise, could have post up some pictures.. then agian, after exams, most probably will be going there.. this time, into the nicely decorated malls.. even the singapore post office has lights all over it; from the roof, all over the balcony, and to the driveway..

You know, all these makes me feel more christmas-ey in spirit.. and it all started cause leon and samuel wanted to take this french exchange student guy for dinner in esplanade... although we kinda like 'wasted' 4 hours of studying.. but it's all worthwhile.. too bad won't be around singapore to celebrate christmas...


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