Tuesday, November 29, 2005

yummy yummy.. sushi buffet~!! never thought i would eat so much in singapore.. haha.. at first, i already had lunch back in my own hall at around 1... then i went to north spine to do some photostating and since there's quite alot to photostat, decided to come back later... so, went to find chsiung in hall 5.. watched him play dota and then suddenly lit ting they all say they're going for sushi buffet at 3 and asked me to come along.. and well, i can't resist such offer.. and voila~! haha.. went to bkt batok and whacked all the sushis there.. eat until really cannot stuff anymore in the stomach already... lol

though, never had a real rest today.. came back, straight went for carolling practise.. and finally~! i get to read harry potter:half blood prince!! sister bought it.. haha.. that'll keep me company for a few days..


Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well well, things are starting to get busy...Have to attend 2 meetings today, that covers both my afternoon and late evening time, then church in the morning.. and tmr, i'll have to spend the whole day under the hot sun organising for the singapore brainhunt event.. And to the expense of entertainment; have to skip class outing, and outings with friends..
sighz, banner designing, come out with a e-newsletter, hall carolling, and soon, hall dance... wah~! i want my PIG life~! what happeend to the good old days when i can sleep like a pig, eat like a pig and live like a pig..


The end of 1st Sem

almost 5 months has passed now since i came to singapore... and how time flies.. it's the end of sem 1 already.. I still remember when i first step foot into NTU, staying 'illegally' with my sister, going for FOCs.. Then, when i first got my room in the midst of a camp, meeting different ppl.. Hmm.. i realised that i had the chance to actually know alot of different ppl in singapore and to be part of them; the Catholic Society ppl, the Hall ppl, the Malaysian Society (MSA) ppl.. Instead, i only chose to really know the malaysian ppl in my lecture group, and only certain group of ppl in MSA..

Actually, i think i've been using language barrier as an excuse not to know and hang out with them better. There are ppl who are worse in their language, and yet still maintain a very good rapport with ppl... oh well, i guess, it's really time to change the mindset.. But i guess it's gonna take some time..

Anyway, had erm, a quite enjoyable and tiring day lar... went to Sim Lim Square in Bugis, Queenstown, Chinatown for dinner, Clark Quay for a 'digesting' walk.. and i bought this mini vaccuum cleaner from Sim Lim Square; USB power operated.. lol... and as expected, the suction power kinda sucks.. (no pun included).. can only suck very light dust particles, including hair.. paper also cannot really lift up that high.. haha..oh well, so much for wanted to buy smtg 'different'..


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Decorations in Orchard Road

Orchard Road is so beautiful~!! It's somehow different viewing from a car window compared to a bus window.. The lightings over your head, seems endless as it began to shrink down the road.. christmas decorations on both left and right sides, huge christmas trees and by far, the most 'exaggerated' decoration is in centre point.. with large M&Ms clinging to the front of the building..
too bad there wasn't any camera.. otherwise, could have post up some pictures.. then agian, after exams, most probably will be going there.. this time, into the nicely decorated malls.. even the singapore post office has lights all over it; from the roof, all over the balcony, and to the driveway..

You know, all these makes me feel more christmas-ey in spirit.. and it all started cause leon and samuel wanted to take this french exchange student guy for dinner in esplanade... although we kinda like 'wasted' 4 hours of studying.. but it's all worthwhile.. too bad won't be around singapore to celebrate christmas...


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New face..

After for like dunno how many years, finally took the initiative to change to boring old-look... kinda makes me feel blue looking into it.. and thanks to chin zwen, i now have a critter lurking in my blog.. all the way from north pole... Hopefully, i'll have better luck with my christmas wish this year since his relatives are still there..
Can't believe i'm doing all these things when i'm supposed to be studying.. sighz..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Return of the 4-eye..

hmm.. if it's not for mr sim, my blog will still be growing mushrooms.. (who are btw, almost 3 months old now)
things are abit slow-paced at the moment.. exam papers that has to be sat, books that i can't stand, and errands to run... fortunately for me, i had a one week break in ipoh.. but basically, all i did was to sleep, eat, and going out with ppl once in a while.. probably the most beneficial thing i did was to go for badminton with euwen.. and i was reluctant to go at first, cause i kinda slept at 5am in the morning then badminton is at 8am.. but oh well, he woke me up early in the morning like nobody's business and cheated me, telling me that breakfast is on him...
and things that i look forward to, like getting one whole collection of twins MV from sinnyi wasn't achieved.. oh well.. looking forward to christmas holidays..