Sunday, September 04, 2005


been reading and studying physics for the past few days liao.. reminds me of major exams. only diff from stpm is tht, it covers only 2 main topics(which is a good thing).. and THERE ARE VERY LITTLE EXAMPLES FOUND (which is a bad thing).. cause for lazy ppl like me.. i usually study the examples... and not do exercises.. haha.. crapz..
wonder how i'll bring about for this coming assessment..
ps: finally, i managed to 'borrow' my sister's 2.1 creative speakers... haha... can listen to higher quality songs liao with strong bass... =D


COMEX (Singapore PC Fair)

i think it's my first time ever that i've been to a 'big scale' PC fair.. it's called COMEX and it's supposed to accomodate three levels of Suntec City which is located in City Hall..
I think it's worse than some JUMBO sale.. ppl can hardly move inside there.. i think just to travel 10 metres will take around 5 minutes...
Now i think i understand how women shop during mega sales.. it's like.. u want to buy every single thing available.. haha.. things are cheaper and they're lots of new products..
As for me, i've only bought Kingston notebook RAM, webcam for $25 and dvd medias (dvd+rw, dvd-r). Went there with boon jin... and he bought almost the same thing, just tht he didn't buy RAM but 1Gb SD Card.. haha..
things are like so tempting.. the digital cameras there are... *drools*.. can't describe with words.. firstly, it's an illusion for me to see prices in the range of $500-$1000 (cause it's in singapore currency) for high-end digital cameras.. and the accessories offered.. but one bad thing, as i've mentioned b4 is the crowd.. can't even have the chance to approach a particular shop.. cause have to walk with the crows.. it's like a busy road with cars moving fast and u're one car trying to cross over the other side of a cross road..

Went there after lunch at 1pm and came back at about 5 smtg.. At night had plans as well; birthday celebration for ka hong and rhoda.. it was supposed to be 900pm but only officially started at 1030pm cause the 'main ppl' weren't around.. (partly, cause it's a surprise thing for them, and so happen tht they were out of NTU)
but overall, it's quite okay.. still had time to come back to study a bit of physics.. (Physics test is nxt week and i havent even started on my tutorials yet)..