Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Had a conversation with my sis in the morning and made me realise again that it's quite a pain for parents to have all their children study abroad.. Nobody at home, only their wife.. From a big family years ago, and now.. all alone at home.. Well, realised all these things are inevitable.. some day, everyone has to go further their studies; it's just a matter whether it's far away, or somewhere nearby..
Guess the only thing tht old folks wants now is just to see their children and spend time with them as much as possible.. And as for the children, they've to realise that family is an important part of life as well and that their parents won't be here forever..
This is part of life i suppose.. life goes on.. but have to remember what is still around, and appreciate it. For once its gone, won't be able to get it back..
Take every possible opportunity.. Put a smile in faces of loved ones.. Guess tht'll suffice for the moment..


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