Monday, July 04, 2005

Welcome to NTU~!

After 7-8 hours of bus ride.. i've finally reached NTU probably around 6am.. After months of relaxing and slacking, it's time for another chapter in our lifes.. It's a whole new world out there with new people to meet, obstacles to overcome and new places to explore.. I will soon find out what would be like, after 20 yrs of being sheltered with the security of family and home, to a whole new place and environment..

Well, fortunately for me, I've my sister still around close by in singapore.. Since I didn't have my own hall to settle down, I'm currently staying with my sister in Hall 13.. When i reached there, first thing i did was to take a bathe and plan on what i'm going to do for the day.. While she, needs to prepare herself for work. I couldn't really sleep though.. only slept at 8 plus and woke up an hour or so later..

My first task was to open a bank account in OCBC which was located in the North Spine by the Canteen.. Well, I kind of a sesat-er and i've to make 3 trips to OCBC bank to open my account.. lol... My return from the first trip was because i forgot tht i've left my IC in my jeans.. 2nd trip, I forgot to bring the offer letter and also my mother's photostat IC.. But they told me what else i needed, like a singapore address and a contact number.. Well, I've to use my sister's contact for the moment since I dun want to leave a few thounsand dollars in the room.. After much walking (luckily it only takes about 10 min walk from the hall to the bank), i've finally opened a bank account and went straight for lunch.. I ate chicken rice which costs $1.50 and it's not really tht delicious... oh well...

Came back, online a bit.. and took an afternoon nap before exploring the North and South Spines... I walked all the way to the end of South Spine (which was almost the opposite from the residential hall) and felt lazy to walk back.. So, i took the internal shuttle bus, which only costs 20c to reach anywhere in NTU.. At first, I tot of exploring the Sports & Recreational Park but decided to go back and rest, and leave it for another day...

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tHeAnSeNg said...

hey how u guys doing there~ kirim salam 2 boonjin 2 k. hafto keep in touch here la. i in UPM computer lab now. SELFISHLY sitting in this computer for more than an hour chor i think. nit quite sienz. no msn, good thing get to blog. keep in touch k.