Sunday, July 17, 2005

Second FOC (MSA FOC)

Definitely has been a very tiring week.. with the proceeding of the Malaysian Student's Association FOC.. The first few days, we did our admin stuff, like doing our medical checkup, creating bank accounts, paying for hall fee, etc.. We had games, fright night, dirty games, sketches, SP night.. we even went to sentosa for some games at the beach.. it was very enjoyable.. there was even this event where it really reminded me of scouts gathering.. where we'll have cheer fights.. all of us put in our best efforts and most of us lost our voices.. lol

Camp was very fruitful.. making new friends, learning new dance moves :P, ooh.. and most of the MSA ppl speaks mandarin.. it was quite hard for me to fit in.. cause i don't speak nor understand mandarin very well.. but i've tried hard to try to listen and understand.. haha..
Then there was this one time when the seniors took us out from ntu.. went to chinatown for dinner and then proceeded to esplanade, where all of the groups met up.. Supposedly, tht place is supposed to be romantic.. overseeing the sea and such.. but there are alot of couples over there.. haha..

The last day was superb though.. went out from ntu from 8 plus heading to sentosa and came back to our rooms at almost 4am.. we had a spectacular finale.. with events such as SP night, and sketches... then after everything's done, we had this "clubbing session" where everyone danced and jumped around with the accompaniment of music.. then we ended of with presentation of pictures taken through out the whole camp..

Then yesterday, went over to johore to renew my embarkation card.. alot of ppl went back to their hometowns though.. had dinner with chiew hsiung over at can2, lepakked at his place.. then we stayed over in my place.. we joined up the 2 beds together and 3 of us slept together.. wahhahah.. then boon jin kept on 'complaining' tht it's so gay.. lol..

oh well, one more camp to go, the hall camp.. aft tht, school sem will start.. how time flies... =/


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shireenheng said...

lol sounds like a u're havin lotsa fun over there huh? so fast got camp dee? i tot u just started skool? boon jin's ur roommate? hie boon jin!! haha his comment bout the gay thing cracked me up