Monday, July 25, 2005

First day of school (ECA Recruitment Day)

Finally, first day of school... but it's just like some any other holidays... cause we don't have any lectures or tutorials.. the only thing we did was... we went for some talk for freshies.. and watch some performances by the ntu choir and also a sketch.. lasted for only like 1hr 30 min.. then we have our "tea break"

after tht, it's the recruitment day... it's like a flea market.. soo many ppl and it's hot and stuffy.... then all the societies will set up booths, and recruit ppl into their clubs...
think i've joined quite a number of societies also... i signed up for the NTU Student's Union Subcom, Catholic Student's Apostolate, NTU Choir (have to go for auditioning), MENSA, Contract Bridge.. and the funny thing is, i signed up for some drama club, where u have to pay $4 to become a member.. and every member will automatically get 4 ECA points on the spot.. (ECA points are needed for us to maintain our stay in our hall)

now, i'm thinking of what minor should i take... was thinking of taking a minor in psychology.. but not very sure yet.. dunno whether it'll help me in my major.. sighz... =/


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liljooules said...

hmm.. =(
i actually kinda miss being kacau-ed by u..