Monday, July 25, 2005

First day of school (ECA Recruitment Day)

Finally, first day of school... but it's just like some any other holidays... cause we don't have any lectures or tutorials.. the only thing we did was... we went for some talk for freshies.. and watch some performances by the ntu choir and also a sketch.. lasted for only like 1hr 30 min.. then we have our "tea break"

after tht, it's the recruitment day... it's like a flea market.. soo many ppl and it's hot and stuffy.... then all the societies will set up booths, and recruit ppl into their clubs...
think i've joined quite a number of societies also... i signed up for the NTU Student's Union Subcom, Catholic Student's Apostolate, NTU Choir (have to go for auditioning), MENSA, Contract Bridge.. and the funny thing is, i signed up for some drama club, where u have to pay $4 to become a member.. and every member will automatically get 4 ECA points on the spot.. (ECA points are needed for us to maintain our stay in our hall)

now, i'm thinking of what minor should i take... was thinking of taking a minor in psychology.. but not very sure yet.. dunno whether it'll help me in my major.. sighz... =/


Sunday, July 24, 2005

School Sem's starting....

how time flies.. tmr, school semester begins.. after almost 8 months of slacking.. it's back to studying.. a whole new chapter...
but at least, the first day there wouldn't be any classes.. but ECA recruitment day... then, there'll be flag day on wednesday and heritage walk on thursday... sighz... speaking of busy.. hall camp was seriously tiring...
the last 2 nights was the worse.. 2nd last night, we stayed up for "fright night" and slept only at around 5am.. and the last night, since it was the last night (also SP night) in changi.. my OG (orientation group) played the "traffic light game" until like 4 am plus.... and the last day itself, we had beach games in east coast...
although my group didn't get the best OG, but probably the 2nd best.. but we had lots of fun and in our eyes.. we are the best group of all.. lol..

but there's a follow up to this hall FOC, tht is the D&D (dinner and dance).. then each group has selected 2 pageants (one male and one female).... sounds cool eh? lol..
dinner time liao~!! had a basketball game just now... been quite a while since i last played it.. still as bad as ever... lol..


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Second FOC (MSA FOC)

Definitely has been a very tiring week.. with the proceeding of the Malaysian Student's Association FOC.. The first few days, we did our admin stuff, like doing our medical checkup, creating bank accounts, paying for hall fee, etc.. We had games, fright night, dirty games, sketches, SP night.. we even went to sentosa for some games at the beach.. it was very enjoyable.. there was even this event where it really reminded me of scouts gathering.. where we'll have cheer fights.. all of us put in our best efforts and most of us lost our voices.. lol

Camp was very fruitful.. making new friends, learning new dance moves :P, ooh.. and most of the MSA ppl speaks mandarin.. it was quite hard for me to fit in.. cause i don't speak nor understand mandarin very well.. but i've tried hard to try to listen and understand.. haha..
Then there was this one time when the seniors took us out from ntu.. went to chinatown for dinner and then proceeded to esplanade, where all of the groups met up.. Supposedly, tht place is supposed to be romantic.. overseeing the sea and such.. but there are alot of couples over there.. haha..

The last day was superb though.. went out from ntu from 8 plus heading to sentosa and came back to our rooms at almost 4am.. we had a spectacular finale.. with events such as SP night, and sketches... then after everything's done, we had this "clubbing session" where everyone danced and jumped around with the accompaniment of music.. then we ended of with presentation of pictures taken through out the whole camp..

Then yesterday, went over to johore to renew my embarkation card.. alot of ppl went back to their hometowns though.. had dinner with chiew hsiung over at can2, lepakked at his place.. then we stayed over in my place.. we joined up the 2 beds together and 3 of us slept together.. wahhahah.. then boon jin kept on 'complaining' tht it's so gay.. lol..

oh well, one more camp to go, the hall camp.. aft tht, school sem will start.. how time flies... =/


Saturday, July 09, 2005

End of First FOC

One FOC down, 2 more to go... the CSA (Catholic Students' Apostolate) FOC is well worth going.. I've made new friends, learn new things, and get exposed more of this country tht i'm going to live in for 7 yrs..

At first, i've always thought singaporeans were snobbish, selfish and arrogant.. well, this group of ppl tht i've met turned out otherwise... they were so easy to mix with, probably cause they're all of the same catholic faith.. haha.. We walked through campus and stayed in a chalet at changi..

Oh, at first, i was quite worried bout yesterday (friday, the day of our hostel results).. afraid i couldn't get my room keys.. if i dun get them, i won't have a place to stay on the 9th and 10th night.. but fortunately for the good samaritans, a guy called Eugene Yam.. well, he drove a van in changi and took me all the way back to ntu to get my hall keys.. (btw, changi and ntu are 2 opposite ends).. i reached ntu near 11.. only to find tht the hall results are only out after 12noon.. and these ppl are kind enough to wait for me until i'm done and fetch me back to changi to proceed with the camp.. haha .. good eh?
When the results were out at 12noon, i was already at their office at about 12:05.. i've got the same hall as my sis.. hall 13.. goodie.. *smiles happily*.. went to the finance office to pay the $300 deposit only then i collect my room keys.. then, i've to shift my stuffs from my sis's fren's room to my own room.. All of these things are being done in an hour's time.. of course, with the help of the CSA seniors...

But after the camp, it's back to solitude for me.. my sis going to indonesia for a week, and the rest of the msian ppl arriving on monday morning... but my roomie, bj, will arrive a week early.. hv to pick him up from the bus stop early in the morning later... then he's gonna spend the night with his father in NUS.. (paid for the guest room)..

oh well, guess i shall try sleeping again... the room here is so warm.. sigh.. hv to sleep topless... lol..2 more orientation camps to go, the MSA on monday and hall camps the following week


Monday, July 04, 2005

Welcome to NTU~!

After 7-8 hours of bus ride.. i've finally reached NTU probably around 6am.. After months of relaxing and slacking, it's time for another chapter in our lifes.. It's a whole new world out there with new people to meet, obstacles to overcome and new places to explore.. I will soon find out what would be like, after 20 yrs of being sheltered with the security of family and home, to a whole new place and environment..

Well, fortunately for me, I've my sister still around close by in singapore.. Since I didn't have my own hall to settle down, I'm currently staying with my sister in Hall 13.. When i reached there, first thing i did was to take a bathe and plan on what i'm going to do for the day.. While she, needs to prepare herself for work. I couldn't really sleep though.. only slept at 8 plus and woke up an hour or so later..

My first task was to open a bank account in OCBC which was located in the North Spine by the Canteen.. Well, I kind of a sesat-er and i've to make 3 trips to OCBC bank to open my account.. lol... My return from the first trip was because i forgot tht i've left my IC in my jeans.. 2nd trip, I forgot to bring the offer letter and also my mother's photostat IC.. But they told me what else i needed, like a singapore address and a contact number.. Well, I've to use my sister's contact for the moment since I dun want to leave a few thounsand dollars in the room.. After much walking (luckily it only takes about 10 min walk from the hall to the bank), i've finally opened a bank account and went straight for lunch.. I ate chicken rice which costs $1.50 and it's not really tht delicious... oh well...

Came back, online a bit.. and took an afternoon nap before exploring the North and South Spines... I walked all the way to the end of South Spine (which was almost the opposite from the residential hall) and felt lazy to walk back.. So, i took the internal shuttle bus, which only costs 20c to reach anywhere in NTU.. At first, I tot of exploring the Sports & Recreational Park but decided to go back and rest, and leave it for another day...