Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Elim Youth Camp (Zero Fear) - Day 1

hmm, kept on thinking whether i should 'log' this event anot, then come to think of it.. probably it's the last camp i'll ever attend with my school friends.. so, might as well lar.. haha..
okay, shall start of with the schedule as in the "itinerary".. we departed from church at 9am and reached there at 11 plus.. we stayed in this place called Dinding Pantai Desir (or smtg like tht).. it's some 15 story apartment in which we only used 3 of the stories..
P2 (parking lot 2) - where the 'main hall' is situated and we had our sessions and games there
2nd floor - our 5 apartments
topfloor aka The Penthouse - where we feast 5 times a day~!

Upon reaching, we were given our files, name tags and our groups.. 5 grps altogether namely;
Belt of Truth
Breastplate of Righteousness
Shield of Faith (MY group!)
Helmet of Salvation
Sword of the Spirit

and for the first time in any camps, the first event on the schedule is LUNCH~!! lol.. good news for me.. and after lunch is always 'siesta' for one hour.. then, some orientation thing in which we introduce ourselves to each other.. and as usual, it's done through games..first game was 'slipper game' where each of us will grab A slipper and throws it in the middle.. then one person grabs the slipper of the nxt, and the owner have to intro themselves.. then, we hv the cane game.. where i'm too lazy to explain in words..

2 hours later is tea break, and station games~! our first FUN activity.. hmm.. i shall decide on elaborate on station games...
there are 5 stations..
1st station - lead by jason where it's similar with yahoo grafiti.. one person is blind folded and draws while the rest of the team members will guess.. and obviously for me, being the pakar graffiti.. lol.. managed to get my group first place for tht station with a score of 37/40
2nd station - lead by yian yan where we hv to eat everything inside marked packages.. quite easy..
3rd station - lead by cheryl in which there's a plate at the end of the line filled with flour and sweets inside.. what we need to do is to use our face to retrieve the sweets from the flour-filled plate..
4th station (also known as kangaroo hop) - lead by ricky where we need to hop 3 times and where we land will be the place we shoot rings into the cone
5h station (snake and ladders) - lead by jinann in which we roll one big dice, and one member becomes to 'piece'.. and whenever we land on a number, we must do a task.. like sing song, push ups, run around like monkeys, etc..

bath time for 45 min then dinner at 645pm~! forgot wat i ate but every meal also i ate alot.. lol.. then at 730 we had our praise and worship followed by our first session at 8pm..

After tht, we have or SG (small group) time.. my group members are jinann, sulyn, waikuan, matthew, cheng fai, bernice, glenn, kamlai and eric.. basically, we just introduced each other and talk about ourselves so tht they'll know more about us lor...
then, it's supper at 945 and free time all the way till sleeping time.. after supper, all of us gathered in kah hon's bedroom to watch the 'tonghua' mtv in which kar poh programmed it to be played over and over and over again.. dunno what's wrong, but it seems tht song v happening among them.. lol.. lights out which was scheduled at 11pm..and of course, we dind't sleep on time lar.. we chatted and only slept at around 2am.. while waiting for jason to finish their committee meeting.. ooh.. bout rooms, my room mates are jitvern, guan sing and jason lee.. 2 single bed and one double decker.. jason and i took the single while jit vern took the upper bunk of the double decker.. and i've to sleep on the floor tht night cause my stupid mattress can't support my weight and 'sinked' downwards.. causing me to hv backpain.. sigh..

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