Friday, June 10, 2005

Elim Youth Camp - Day 3

I could hear sounds of soft talking, water from the shower and KNOCK KNOCK~! "Rise and Shine" yelled one of the committee memebers... and i thought i just fell asleep a few minutes ago.. haha... oh well, it's the last day (although unofficially) for us to have real fun in the camp..
Devotion today was slightly different.. instead of being splitted into our SG, we were asked to do our devotion by ourselves.. spend some quality time with God.. We were given the freedom to go anywhere on the same floor.. But most of us just stayed in the hall anyway..

Well, it's time for breakfast again followed by some Praise and Worship led by Andrew Chun..
And then, our first major event for the day.. Session 5 at 0940. And as i've mentioned earlier, this session was being 'performed' by the SGs themselves.. But anyway, we started off by handing our bookmarks that we're supposed to make the night before to the 'speaker'.. for some 'bookmark exchanging'.. Then, we started off with "Please God or man?" by Sword of the Spirit followed by "Friends" which was performed by my group (Shield of Faith).. After that, we were shown 2 short video clips of Chicken Run and Panic Room.. and were discussed by groups: Helmet of Salvation which was about LIES and Belt of Truth which was about FEAR respectively. Finally, Breastplate of Righteousness did a marvellous sketch that differentiates "Gossip and sharing".. The session took up an extra hour and some of the coming activities such as Q&A Session and preparation time for special event was being cancelled/truncated..

We had our break for 15 minutes before Session 6 "Relationship with God" by our speaker Jonathan Chai.. Lunch at 1245 followed by Siesta until 245.. Next, is preparation time for tonight's special event.. Each of us was given a "phrase" and each group was supposed to perform a sketch to act out whatever that was given.. Our group got
"There are 3 types of people in this world: Those that make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and those who wondered what happened"
My group wasted time on discussing what sketch to make.. after half an hour, we still havent come out with a storyline yet.. sigh.. in the end, we all decided to do some 'no-sense' sketch (based on LOTR) where WE, will make things happen i.e. the sketch, and the audience will be the ppl who watch things happen.. And since we purposedly made the ending "senseless" and of no logic, the audience will be the people who wondered what happen.. well, we tot it was a good idea.. but after we came out with tht, It was already time for Tea Break and we didn't even have time to practise on the sketch at all... *die*

Games at 1830 hours.. Supposedly to be the dirtiest and filthiest game of all.. We were asked to assemble in the hall.. And we were stripped off our spectacles, watches and our name tags.. After that, all of us were being blind folded in a HUGE circle.. After everyone is done, we were being 'painted' by poster paints (or watever it paint it is) onto our faces.. I shall call it "hand painting" since it's all being done by bare hands.. You can actually feel the cold and gooey paint more sensitively since our sight sense was taken away...
Next, we were being separated again into different groups which was being led by "slave masters".. mine was yian yan, and we're asked to do anything she asked us to do... And obviously, we, the blindfolded ppl, are their slaves... We were promised to be taken to a safe place by our slave masters and avoid harm from other groups.. Well, anyway.. we headed off outside barefooted and were asked to do "childish things" such as roll on the floor, singing songs to make the slave master happy, walking round and round aimlessly... And all of these are taken place in the midst of "devils" who poured flour and cold water at us, beat us up with newspaper, and 'decorate' us with paint.. Some even took clothes peg and put it on people's ears, nose and well, use ur imagination...
I shall tell the game from my group's view.. In front of me was kah hon and behind me was matthew, sulyn, liyen.. Our hands were on each other's shoulders.. We could hear sudden screaming and shouting, wondering wat happened.. Well, we just followed by.. At some points, we got the chance to 'beat up' other groups by just banging our hands aimlessly hoping for random targets... At other times, they was people asking us "Are you thirsty? Would you want some water".. And this kah hon got so irritated with this statement, he actually slapped tht person's face.. hahaha...
Finally, after much torture and dirt.. we were all assembled in front of the hall seated down.. After our blindfolds were removed, the committee explained on the meaning of this game.. Well, there is this devil aka Ooi Jin Ann and her konco-konco (the speakers and the slave masters) that are there to torture us.. And we as people who are blind, just followed whatever the slave master tell us to do.. Then, there is this angel aka Ricky Tan who goes around, offering ppl water trying to save us.. Some of us accepted the water and was being 'saved' but some just rejected them.. hehe... Then, we were given the chance of getting revenge to the 'devils' with flour, water and paint.. haha... damn, was it a mess..

Bath Time right after that.. Took us some time to clean up ourselves.. Then, it was Dinner and Praise and Worship...
On to the major event for the day.. the Special Event~! It was started off with ice breaker and games for 10 minutes followed by a Fashion Show for 50 minutes.. Each group were to 'dress up' 2 members and design their clothing with straws, newspapers, toiletpapers and shoe strings.. My group dressed up Glenn and Bernice as Arwen and Aragorn.. But the winner for the fashion show goes to Breastplate where they dressed up Kar Poh as an angel.. with wings and halo.. it was real creative.. straws as wings... :bows head:
Next, it's the sketches... Our first group was to perform.. Everything went quite well despite it was our first 'practise'.. but unfortunately, the ending was being explained very well.. Everyone really wondered what had happened for the ending.. but too bad, Cheng Fai never elaborate properly and everyone was still blurring bout the whole thing... haha..
Anyway, here are the rest of the phrases:
1 - God made Coke, God made Pepsi, God made me darn sexy
by Belt of Truth
(i remember the story is about some mad scientist who found a formula pepsi+coke that makes a nerdy guy, into a sexy one.. starring ricky tan as nerdy guy and andrew chun as scientist)
2 - never be afraid to try,remember... Amateurs built the ark, Professionals built the Titanic
by Shield of Faith
3 - to solve the human equation...we need to add love, subtract hate,multiply good, and divide between truth and error
by Breastplate of Righteousness
(winners of the talentime.. their sketch was quite straight forward)
4 - people change, things go wrong, crap happens, but life goes on...
by Helmet of Salvation

After tht, we had our supper which i remember was doughnuts.. haha... then, we played the cup game (taught by jason lee) and the whole lot of us took lots of cup and played on the whole stretch of tables.. haha.. we're just crazy.. making so much noise, banging the tables..
This time, lights out was free for all.. which means there's no curfew since it's the last night... most of us spend the night writing affirmations.. I myself spend my night in kah hon's room writing affirmation while chatting and listening to guang liang's songs.. until 2am kah hon is already sleeping in the room.. then, i headed off to the hall where everyone was really sitting/lying down writing affirmations.. there was cheryl and jv at the long table, then jinann, yian yan, jason on the mat; lik wai, jo hanna in the middle of the hall.. We stayed up until 4am while writing affirmations, chatting and doing crazy stuff... Speaking of crazy, jason lee has really misplaced his screws.. he's been playnig the keyboard's preset songs.. and there's this 'marching song' which he literally marched all over the room.. haha...
We slept straight away after we landed on the bed....


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