Thursday, June 09, 2005

Elim Youth Camp - Day 2

Rise and Shine at 730~! and being a pig as i am while everyone else is bathing and getting prepared, i only woke up at 755 and got ready in 5 minutes for devotion time.. hehe..
We were separated into our SG's for Devotion where we discuss and share our experiences/thoughts on the verse "I Will Never Leavy You Nor Forsake You" Hebrews 13:5-6.
Breakfast time half an hour later followed by Praise and Worship led by Clarence..

Session 2 ("Black and White") was started at 940am by our speaker 'yoke li', a yr 4 dental student in USM kedah.. she splitted us into 2 groups, namely: boys and girls.. and we had our "battle of the sexes".. tht conversation took an extra 30 min for she talked on BGR, and everything related to it including sex, masturbation, etc.. Break for 15 minutes and we moved on for our 3rd session, presented by Kok Ming entitled "Lunatic, Liar Our Lord". Since Yoke Li termakan '30 minutes' of the schedule, they cancelled of Q&A Session and headed right of to Lunch at 1230pm..

As i've said, this camp has alot of 'eat-sleep' activities... right aft lunch, went back to the room for Siesta time to rest/sleep at 1.30.. but i took my time to write affirmations for my group members.. hehe..

Right after resting, we were entertained again by Sing Along followed by Team Building games.. Talking about Team Building, we were 'forced' to play this "Electric Fence" game.. the concept goes like this...
There'll be a string tied across 2 pillars at chest height, and team members must work together to bring over everyone 'over' the fence without touching it.. so, we came out on alot of ideas like carrying ppl 'horizontally', carrying on their backs, etc... then the last few ppl will 'high jump' over it.. and i injured my leg on doing so, cause my feet landed on some 'rougher' surface and caused me blue black on the leg's surface...

After games, it's eating time again.. (yay!) Tea Break for 30 minutes then we moved on for our games again... and this time, it's Amazing Race.. =)
As usual, we're splitted into our SG, then we were given clues in the hall.. Our first clue was to lead us to G Floor where we looked for yian yan for the 2nd clue..
2nd clue was a 'detour'.. "Brains or Brawns".. if we choose brains, must look for cheryl while brawns must look for jinann in P2.. Well, we decided to choose brains and headed of to P2.. We couldn't find cheryl though, but saw jinann.. Then jinann was like, 'aiyah, choose me lar.. it'll be better wan.. trust me'.. lol, then we changed our option to jinann.. and sure enough, it's an easy task where the task only need 3 ppl to do the hoola hoop 10 times around the waist.. =) then OFF WE GO~!
Next stop, seek for ricky in the Penthouse... and the 'agenda' there is "fear factor".. haha.. each member, one by one.. will proceed to the balcony where there's a covered tin.. we were showed a piece of crumpled tissue paper and asked to retrieve it inside the tin.. and since it's fear factor, the tin contained EARTH WORMS~! it was no problem for the guys lar.. but the girls hard abit.. some screamed, shouted and for other groups, some even cried.. lol..
next, the 2nd part there, we were all being tied up in a circle with a rafia string.. then, we were asked to move/travel around with the string tied up around our waist.. =/ tht's slow and suffocating.. haha.. imagine, everyone's sweaty and crumpled up.. fortunately for me, i was tall enough to get some fresh air... =D
ok, for the next clue, i remember this part.. it's road block (where EVERYONE must do the task together)
the clue asked us to find 2 ppl and look for them..
1) An "out of the water" sotong
2) A cockroach tht lurks around corridors (tips: it's a place where we go often)

We managed to find the 'cockroach' (jason lee) in the 2nd floor where our bedrooms are.. We saved alot of time travelling cause we travelled thru the staircase where it's nearer to where jason is located... anyway, for jason's station, we were asked to complete 2 out of 3 tasks.. 1st task was to sing the negaraku song in english, 2nd task was to say out the alphabets from Z-A.. and the 3rd task was to sing the chorus of the theme song, "no fear" in BM.. we chose the 2nd and the 3rd which was easier..
Next, we went to the swimming pool in search of 'sotong' (yian yan).. our task was fairly simple, we were asked to sing a song tht wld make her happy (we sang the 'you are my sunshine' song, only tht, sunshine became sotong) then, one of us have to drink nescafe out from a baby's bottle.. and i volunteered to do it.. hehe.. and since we were the 1st group *we were leading all the way*, she requested for another song...
Finally, after obtaining both 'congratulations' from jason and yian, we were asked to seek for ricky tan in P2 and look for the nxt clue... tht ricky tan go hide right at the end of the car park where he gave us our last clue... 'the pit stop'.. we raced *or supposed to* to the hall where the finishing line is.. we were greeted by sleepy and lazy cheryl and jinann who were lazing at the sofa, asking us to entertain them... sigh.. ask us to sing and dance (more on shaking) like monkeys.. aih,.. finally, we were congratulated and we were teh first team to arrive~! yeah!! haha. our reward was 'early bath time'... =/

Dinner was at 7 followed by Praise and Worship by Kar poh at 8pm.. AFter tht, we had an interesting session 4 (or should i call it 'testimony') from Billy Yeoh.. he told us his story bout his life, how he was being an atheist, then to hating christianity and finally, accepting Christ and loved him more than ever b4.. not to mention some near death experience.. hmm..

Lastly, it's SG Time again where we're supposed to recap wat has happened.. And last minute, we were asked to give a presentation for session 5 the nxt morning.. therefore, we practised on our sketch and skipped supper... Our sketch was about 'friends' where they're charlie's devils aka gangsters inside it.. haha.. Finally, the speakers, knowing tht they're so many stpm leavers, decided to give an informal session on preparation for uni life.. tellling and helping us on fears, expectations and their personal experience...
It lasted around 12 plus where all of us were dead tired by then and didn't 'chat' much like the night b4 and slept at about 1 plus...


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