Friday, June 10, 2005

Elim Youth Camp - Day 3

I could hear sounds of soft talking, water from the shower and KNOCK KNOCK~! "Rise and Shine" yelled one of the committee memebers... and i thought i just fell asleep a few minutes ago.. haha... oh well, it's the last day (although unofficially) for us to have real fun in the camp..
Devotion today was slightly different.. instead of being splitted into our SG, we were asked to do our devotion by ourselves.. spend some quality time with God.. We were given the freedom to go anywhere on the same floor.. But most of us just stayed in the hall anyway..

Well, it's time for breakfast again followed by some Praise and Worship led by Andrew Chun..
And then, our first major event for the day.. Session 5 at 0940. And as i've mentioned earlier, this session was being 'performed' by the SGs themselves.. But anyway, we started off by handing our bookmarks that we're supposed to make the night before to the 'speaker'.. for some 'bookmark exchanging'.. Then, we started off with "Please God or man?" by Sword of the Spirit followed by "Friends" which was performed by my group (Shield of Faith).. After that, we were shown 2 short video clips of Chicken Run and Panic Room.. and were discussed by groups: Helmet of Salvation which was about LIES and Belt of Truth which was about FEAR respectively. Finally, Breastplate of Righteousness did a marvellous sketch that differentiates "Gossip and sharing".. The session took up an extra hour and some of the coming activities such as Q&A Session and preparation time for special event was being cancelled/truncated..

We had our break for 15 minutes before Session 6 "Relationship with God" by our speaker Jonathan Chai.. Lunch at 1245 followed by Siesta until 245.. Next, is preparation time for tonight's special event.. Each of us was given a "phrase" and each group was supposed to perform a sketch to act out whatever that was given.. Our group got
"There are 3 types of people in this world: Those that make things happen, Those who watch things happen, and those who wondered what happened"
My group wasted time on discussing what sketch to make.. after half an hour, we still havent come out with a storyline yet.. sigh.. in the end, we all decided to do some 'no-sense' sketch (based on LOTR) where WE, will make things happen i.e. the sketch, and the audience will be the ppl who watch things happen.. And since we purposedly made the ending "senseless" and of no logic, the audience will be the people who wondered what happen.. well, we tot it was a good idea.. but after we came out with tht, It was already time for Tea Break and we didn't even have time to practise on the sketch at all... *die*

Games at 1830 hours.. Supposedly to be the dirtiest and filthiest game of all.. We were asked to assemble in the hall.. And we were stripped off our spectacles, watches and our name tags.. After that, all of us were being blind folded in a HUGE circle.. After everyone is done, we were being 'painted' by poster paints (or watever it paint it is) onto our faces.. I shall call it "hand painting" since it's all being done by bare hands.. You can actually feel the cold and gooey paint more sensitively since our sight sense was taken away...
Next, we were being separated again into different groups which was being led by "slave masters".. mine was yian yan, and we're asked to do anything she asked us to do... And obviously, we, the blindfolded ppl, are their slaves... We were promised to be taken to a safe place by our slave masters and avoid harm from other groups.. Well, anyway.. we headed off outside barefooted and were asked to do "childish things" such as roll on the floor, singing songs to make the slave master happy, walking round and round aimlessly... And all of these are taken place in the midst of "devils" who poured flour and cold water at us, beat us up with newspaper, and 'decorate' us with paint.. Some even took clothes peg and put it on people's ears, nose and well, use ur imagination...
I shall tell the game from my group's view.. In front of me was kah hon and behind me was matthew, sulyn, liyen.. Our hands were on each other's shoulders.. We could hear sudden screaming and shouting, wondering wat happened.. Well, we just followed by.. At some points, we got the chance to 'beat up' other groups by just banging our hands aimlessly hoping for random targets... At other times, they was people asking us "Are you thirsty? Would you want some water".. And this kah hon got so irritated with this statement, he actually slapped tht person's face.. hahaha...
Finally, after much torture and dirt.. we were all assembled in front of the hall seated down.. After our blindfolds were removed, the committee explained on the meaning of this game.. Well, there is this devil aka Ooi Jin Ann and her konco-konco (the speakers and the slave masters) that are there to torture us.. And we as people who are blind, just followed whatever the slave master tell us to do.. Then, there is this angel aka Ricky Tan who goes around, offering ppl water trying to save us.. Some of us accepted the water and was being 'saved' but some just rejected them.. hehe... Then, we were given the chance of getting revenge to the 'devils' with flour, water and paint.. haha... damn, was it a mess..

Bath Time right after that.. Took us some time to clean up ourselves.. Then, it was Dinner and Praise and Worship...
On to the major event for the day.. the Special Event~! It was started off with ice breaker and games for 10 minutes followed by a Fashion Show for 50 minutes.. Each group were to 'dress up' 2 members and design their clothing with straws, newspapers, toiletpapers and shoe strings.. My group dressed up Glenn and Bernice as Arwen and Aragorn.. But the winner for the fashion show goes to Breastplate where they dressed up Kar Poh as an angel.. with wings and halo.. it was real creative.. straws as wings... :bows head:
Next, it's the sketches... Our first group was to perform.. Everything went quite well despite it was our first 'practise'.. but unfortunately, the ending was being explained very well.. Everyone really wondered what had happened for the ending.. but too bad, Cheng Fai never elaborate properly and everyone was still blurring bout the whole thing... haha..
Anyway, here are the rest of the phrases:
1 - God made Coke, God made Pepsi, God made me darn sexy
by Belt of Truth
(i remember the story is about some mad scientist who found a formula pepsi+coke that makes a nerdy guy, into a sexy one.. starring ricky tan as nerdy guy and andrew chun as scientist)
2 - never be afraid to try,remember... Amateurs built the ark, Professionals built the Titanic
by Shield of Faith
3 - to solve the human equation...we need to add love, subtract hate,multiply good, and divide between truth and error
by Breastplate of Righteousness
(winners of the talentime.. their sketch was quite straight forward)
4 - people change, things go wrong, crap happens, but life goes on...
by Helmet of Salvation

After tht, we had our supper which i remember was doughnuts.. haha... then, we played the cup game (taught by jason lee) and the whole lot of us took lots of cup and played on the whole stretch of tables.. haha.. we're just crazy.. making so much noise, banging the tables..
This time, lights out was free for all.. which means there's no curfew since it's the last night... most of us spend the night writing affirmations.. I myself spend my night in kah hon's room writing affirmation while chatting and listening to guang liang's songs.. until 2am kah hon is already sleeping in the room.. then, i headed off to the hall where everyone was really sitting/lying down writing affirmations.. there was cheryl and jv at the long table, then jinann, yian yan, jason on the mat; lik wai, jo hanna in the middle of the hall.. We stayed up until 4am while writing affirmations, chatting and doing crazy stuff... Speaking of crazy, jason lee has really misplaced his screws.. he's been playnig the keyboard's preset songs.. and there's this 'marching song' which he literally marched all over the room.. haha...
We slept straight away after we landed on the bed....


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Elim Youth Camp - Day 2

Rise and Shine at 730~! and being a pig as i am while everyone else is bathing and getting prepared, i only woke up at 755 and got ready in 5 minutes for devotion time.. hehe..
We were separated into our SG's for Devotion where we discuss and share our experiences/thoughts on the verse "I Will Never Leavy You Nor Forsake You" Hebrews 13:5-6.
Breakfast time half an hour later followed by Praise and Worship led by Clarence..

Session 2 ("Black and White") was started at 940am by our speaker 'yoke li', a yr 4 dental student in USM kedah.. she splitted us into 2 groups, namely: boys and girls.. and we had our "battle of the sexes".. tht conversation took an extra 30 min for she talked on BGR, and everything related to it including sex, masturbation, etc.. Break for 15 minutes and we moved on for our 3rd session, presented by Kok Ming entitled "Lunatic, Liar Our Lord". Since Yoke Li termakan '30 minutes' of the schedule, they cancelled of Q&A Session and headed right of to Lunch at 1230pm..

As i've said, this camp has alot of 'eat-sleep' activities... right aft lunch, went back to the room for Siesta time to rest/sleep at 1.30.. but i took my time to write affirmations for my group members.. hehe..

Right after resting, we were entertained again by Sing Along followed by Team Building games.. Talking about Team Building, we were 'forced' to play this "Electric Fence" game.. the concept goes like this...
There'll be a string tied across 2 pillars at chest height, and team members must work together to bring over everyone 'over' the fence without touching it.. so, we came out on alot of ideas like carrying ppl 'horizontally', carrying on their backs, etc... then the last few ppl will 'high jump' over it.. and i injured my leg on doing so, cause my feet landed on some 'rougher' surface and caused me blue black on the leg's surface...

After games, it's eating time again.. (yay!) Tea Break for 30 minutes then we moved on for our games again... and this time, it's Amazing Race.. =)
As usual, we're splitted into our SG, then we were given clues in the hall.. Our first clue was to lead us to G Floor where we looked for yian yan for the 2nd clue..
2nd clue was a 'detour'.. "Brains or Brawns".. if we choose brains, must look for cheryl while brawns must look for jinann in P2.. Well, we decided to choose brains and headed of to P2.. We couldn't find cheryl though, but saw jinann.. Then jinann was like, 'aiyah, choose me lar.. it'll be better wan.. trust me'.. lol, then we changed our option to jinann.. and sure enough, it's an easy task where the task only need 3 ppl to do the hoola hoop 10 times around the waist.. =) then OFF WE GO~!
Next stop, seek for ricky in the Penthouse... and the 'agenda' there is "fear factor".. haha.. each member, one by one.. will proceed to the balcony where there's a covered tin.. we were showed a piece of crumpled tissue paper and asked to retrieve it inside the tin.. and since it's fear factor, the tin contained EARTH WORMS~! it was no problem for the guys lar.. but the girls hard abit.. some screamed, shouted and for other groups, some even cried.. lol..
next, the 2nd part there, we were all being tied up in a circle with a rafia string.. then, we were asked to move/travel around with the string tied up around our waist.. =/ tht's slow and suffocating.. haha.. imagine, everyone's sweaty and crumpled up.. fortunately for me, i was tall enough to get some fresh air... =D
ok, for the next clue, i remember this part.. it's road block (where EVERYONE must do the task together)
the clue asked us to find 2 ppl and look for them..
1) An "out of the water" sotong
2) A cockroach tht lurks around corridors (tips: it's a place where we go often)

We managed to find the 'cockroach' (jason lee) in the 2nd floor where our bedrooms are.. We saved alot of time travelling cause we travelled thru the staircase where it's nearer to where jason is located... anyway, for jason's station, we were asked to complete 2 out of 3 tasks.. 1st task was to sing the negaraku song in english, 2nd task was to say out the alphabets from Z-A.. and the 3rd task was to sing the chorus of the theme song, "no fear" in BM.. we chose the 2nd and the 3rd which was easier..
Next, we went to the swimming pool in search of 'sotong' (yian yan).. our task was fairly simple, we were asked to sing a song tht wld make her happy (we sang the 'you are my sunshine' song, only tht, sunshine became sotong) then, one of us have to drink nescafe out from a baby's bottle.. and i volunteered to do it.. hehe.. and since we were the 1st group *we were leading all the way*, she requested for another song...
Finally, after obtaining both 'congratulations' from jason and yian, we were asked to seek for ricky tan in P2 and look for the nxt clue... tht ricky tan go hide right at the end of the car park where he gave us our last clue... 'the pit stop'.. we raced *or supposed to* to the hall where the finishing line is.. we were greeted by sleepy and lazy cheryl and jinann who were lazing at the sofa, asking us to entertain them... sigh.. ask us to sing and dance (more on shaking) like monkeys.. aih,.. finally, we were congratulated and we were teh first team to arrive~! yeah!! haha. our reward was 'early bath time'... =/

Dinner was at 7 followed by Praise and Worship by Kar poh at 8pm.. AFter tht, we had an interesting session 4 (or should i call it 'testimony') from Billy Yeoh.. he told us his story bout his life, how he was being an atheist, then to hating christianity and finally, accepting Christ and loved him more than ever b4.. not to mention some near death experience.. hmm..

Lastly, it's SG Time again where we're supposed to recap wat has happened.. And last minute, we were asked to give a presentation for session 5 the nxt morning.. therefore, we practised on our sketch and skipped supper... Our sketch was about 'friends' where they're charlie's devils aka gangsters inside it.. haha.. Finally, the speakers, knowing tht they're so many stpm leavers, decided to give an informal session on preparation for uni life.. tellling and helping us on fears, expectations and their personal experience...
It lasted around 12 plus where all of us were dead tired by then and didn't 'chat' much like the night b4 and slept at about 1 plus...


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Elim Youth Camp (Zero Fear) - Day 1

hmm, kept on thinking whether i should 'log' this event anot, then come to think of it.. probably it's the last camp i'll ever attend with my school friends.. so, might as well lar.. haha..
okay, shall start of with the schedule as in the "itinerary".. we departed from church at 9am and reached there at 11 plus.. we stayed in this place called Dinding Pantai Desir (or smtg like tht).. it's some 15 story apartment in which we only used 3 of the stories..
P2 (parking lot 2) - where the 'main hall' is situated and we had our sessions and games there
2nd floor - our 5 apartments
topfloor aka The Penthouse - where we feast 5 times a day~!

Upon reaching, we were given our files, name tags and our groups.. 5 grps altogether namely;
Belt of Truth
Breastplate of Righteousness
Shield of Faith (MY group!)
Helmet of Salvation
Sword of the Spirit

and for the first time in any camps, the first event on the schedule is LUNCH~!! lol.. good news for me.. and after lunch is always 'siesta' for one hour.. then, some orientation thing in which we introduce ourselves to each other.. and as usual, it's done through games..first game was 'slipper game' where each of us will grab A slipper and throws it in the middle.. then one person grabs the slipper of the nxt, and the owner have to intro themselves.. then, we hv the cane game.. where i'm too lazy to explain in words..

2 hours later is tea break, and station games~! our first FUN activity.. hmm.. i shall decide on elaborate on station games...
there are 5 stations..
1st station - lead by jason where it's similar with yahoo grafiti.. one person is blind folded and draws while the rest of the team members will guess.. and obviously for me, being the pakar graffiti.. lol.. managed to get my group first place for tht station with a score of 37/40
2nd station - lead by yian yan where we hv to eat everything inside marked packages.. quite easy..
3rd station - lead by cheryl in which there's a plate at the end of the line filled with flour and sweets inside.. what we need to do is to use our face to retrieve the sweets from the flour-filled plate..
4th station (also known as kangaroo hop) - lead by ricky where we need to hop 3 times and where we land will be the place we shoot rings into the cone
5h station (snake and ladders) - lead by jinann in which we roll one big dice, and one member becomes to 'piece'.. and whenever we land on a number, we must do a task.. like sing song, push ups, run around like monkeys, etc..

bath time for 45 min then dinner at 645pm~! forgot wat i ate but every meal also i ate alot.. lol.. then at 730 we had our praise and worship followed by our first session at 8pm..

After tht, we have or SG (small group) time.. my group members are jinann, sulyn, waikuan, matthew, cheng fai, bernice, glenn, kamlai and eric.. basically, we just introduced each other and talk about ourselves so tht they'll know more about us lor...
then, it's supper at 945 and free time all the way till sleeping time.. after supper, all of us gathered in kah hon's bedroom to watch the 'tonghua' mtv in which kar poh programmed it to be played over and over and over again.. dunno what's wrong, but it seems tht song v happening among them.. lol.. lights out which was scheduled at 11pm..and of course, we dind't sleep on time lar.. we chatted and only slept at around 2am.. while waiting for jason to finish their committee meeting.. ooh.. bout rooms, my room mates are jitvern, guan sing and jason lee.. 2 single bed and one double decker.. jason and i took the single while jit vern took the upper bunk of the double decker.. and i've to sleep on the floor tht night cause my stupid mattress can't support my weight and 'sinked' downwards.. causing me to hv backpain.. sigh..

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Double Bday Celebration

A very hectic saturday, today is... There's this double bday celebration of yee hui and jin ann in my house.. Had plans in the morning.. and my parents are coming back in the middle of the night..

Well, here's to start it off.. had an appointment with bj, yiwen and the twins to watch 'house of wax' at 1130am.. The show was better than i anticipated... i really tot it was a horrible horror movie... but it was quite alrite.. and to my surprise, paris hilton is just a 'watak sampingan' and all she does is kiss, make out and die...

At first, i was supposed to have lunch with yee hui they all.. but i guess i decided not to ditch the current ppl tht i am with and had lunch with them in JJ Corner.. haha... bj didn't wanna walk so much, so at first, we sat down at the bamboo noodle house.. but there were ALOT of ppl and no one is serving us, and i suppose the food will arrive super late too.. therefore, we ended up in JJ Corner.. but while we were walking there, the wind blew hard at our faces and the sky is getting darker.. well, being optimistic.. i tot it wouldn't rain until our lunch is over... Well, u might have guessed, it rained heavily while we were eating.. hehehe... Then all of them were like complaining cause we were like stranded there.. But fortunately for us, by the time we finished our food, it drizzled back.. Took the advantage and went back to jj in a flash...

Oh, i was supposed to help clim buy madagascar tix too for her.. And I've never seen jusco filled with so MANY ppl since i was in form 5.. the ticket line was so long, tht it almost reached the bench place.. sighh... anyway, we decided to go for bowling but ended up singing karaoke since there wasn't any lanes available... About the karaoke, it was HorriBle.. it was FILLED with malays and some of them were practically shouting and screaming with the doors wide open... suffered inside.. haha.. after singing 2 songs, i had to take my leave cause everyone's waiting in my house for the 'cutting cake ceremony'..

As soon as i arrived home (traffic was horrible, luckily i drove the kelisa) they were already 2 cars waiting outside my house.. one is chee lim with cp inside, and another is kf's car with jinann, jill and yee hui inside.. the ppl in kf's car were literally sleeping waiting for me to come back.. haha.. then jv came after playing bowling in his bike.. anyway, we cut the cake, took some pics...(yee hui was so meticulous with phototaking tht he wanted the perfect lighting, the correct settings, and the perfect pose.. well, we played along with him since he has veto power tht day.. ) while jinann and kf went home, jill played gb, while the rest watched tv and played uno... jo and ferdi arrived later...

It was time to cook~! We turbo'ed to nuggets, deep fried the fries and mixed the drinks.. i fetched jill home to take the agar agar and the watermelon (not to mention getting some ice cubes on the way).. By the time i reached home, yee weng, kian mei, matthew and kah hon were already in my house.. The 'laku' foods were the sandwhiches (which cp brought earlier), the nuggets and the fries.. hehe... Kean fatt brought the mihun later which was a lil' bit like extras cause it was a bit too much.... such a wastage.. then jinann brought trifle.. hahaha.. yummy.. ian, jason all arrived later..

We sang karaoke, the ppl in front of the comp was palyin dota/gb... well, that's all tht we do (apart from eating)... the house was kinda in a mess.. haha.. by 10 plus to 11.. everyone started leaving... luckily von was there to help out since her bro is only fetching her at 1am.. she helped do the dishes while jill helped clear some rubbish... After everyone left, i had to sweep and mop the floor, clean the kitchen, keep the plates, utensils, etc.. It was so damn tiring... plus, i had to fetch my mum at 4am (which they woke me up cause i was practically dead by 2am)
But it was fun though... good to see so many ppl around..

group pic

birthday boy/girl cutting cake together

wat are they doing?!!?