Sunday, May 01, 2005

not very likely tht my parents come down to kl and do some shopping with my siblings.. well, we attended our cousin's wedding dinner and today is scheduled to just cruise around kl~!
our main item is shopping in oneU.. almost everyone in the family; dad, mum, grace, rosemary and husb, james and bf, and me~! my mum had her early mother's day celebration though.. where she's actually on shopping spree.. for me, i only bought one big polo luggage for me to take down to sg to study...
walking the whole day is tiring.. the killer is actually went to see house with father and bro.. under the hot sun in the stuffy weather, and walk to see houses... =/
bumped into alot of ex's bumped into my sis's ex in oneU (matthew) and during dinner my bro's ex (amelia).. must be some ex's day...
oh well, dad drove aronud 140-160 back to ipoh... probably during the slowdown due to heavy downpour.. scarryy... lol..


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