Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jit Vern's Birthday

we celebrated jv's birthday in ICCC at 12 noon.. at first, the venue was supposed to be in yeolde greentown, but cause he got this iccc discount voucher of 30% for his bday in this month, he last minute changed to place... it was an all guy celebration.. there were only jv, bj, me, yw, yew lok and lik wai... boon jin and lik wai was abit dissapointed cause they brought their cameras;expecting alot of girls to be there... hahaha.... all of us had western food, and by the end of the meal, jv had a surprised 'gift'.. a gift from jinann.. she came all the way to iccc just to pass him a cake.. in fact, she dind't even come inside, just passed the cake to ian to give it to him.. the cake was quite delicious.. it's a homemade butter cake with chocolate chips as its topping tht spelled "VERN".. how sweet of her... in fact, it's v thoughtful for anyone to bake a cake for ur bday.. esp of the opposite sex... lol... =p (atsome level, will feel kinda touched)
after everthing, we took pictures at of ourselves at the car park area.. as usual, we nbtd, go take stupid pics.. haha..

went home and slept till church.. was supposed to join jv and his family for dinner staemboat in iccc and then to karaoke, but i had church... and i told my mum tht i'll be home for dinner.... even the salam thing (organised by cindy), i didn't even go.. dun feel like going... hmm.. shall call it a day..

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