Saturday, May 07, 2005

it's been quite a long time since i last saw chee lim.. well, kinda promised tht i'll look for her... so, ended up having tea in secret recipe with chee lim and von.. surprisingly though, we bumped into jitvern and cheryl there.. cause jv's bro wanted to buy SR cake for mother's day... did some catching up with each other there..

night plan: yeolde english organised by anand.. well, found out during tea tht yvonne was going to yeolde english at 9pm too but was invited by cindy.. is it just a pure coincidence or izzit the same thing?
anyhow, von and i followed ferdi after mass as we've no transport.. picked up cindy and asked her bout the 'plan'.. haha.. turns out, it's the same thing... lol.. since the 'appointment' is at 9, and church ends around 8, we headed to tesco cause ferdi wanted to buy wine and cindy needed to look for yian bout the elim camp form.. but we visited alot of ppl there though; liyen and chee leong..
okay, von and i can't tahan dee.. cause too hungry.. hehe.. we went to buy roti boy to alas perut first b4 going to yeolde..
wasn't too many ppl there though.. only anand, xingmin, yek keng, jill, thiru.. but later, alot of couples came, like weitek&jill, ricky&liyen, eelin.. then saw waikit& christine, kitloong&yeuwei..

wanted to go out longer but since tmr's mother's day... and they wanted to wake up not too late the following day.. we called it a day right b4 midnight.. tiring day actually..


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