Thursday, May 05, 2005

i wonder when was the last time i went for a movie.. probably about a month or so; watched "kingdom of heaven".. at first, i tot it was some chinese show.. cause mostly chinese shows has similar titles such as that.. only realised it wasn't when the movie started.. lol.. the planning was kinda surprising though.. at first, yvonne suggested to watch some movie.. and asked me to call some ppl.. i abit the malas la... and she called michelle.. so i tot, maybe just one small group of fella la.. but when i went there.. i saw ian, jason lnig and chi, yw, ferdi, kean fatt.. lol.. such a big group..
was quite a shock though.. haha..but acted all normal ler..

show was not bad at all ler.. kinda reminds me of lotr, star wars (some certain scenes), troy and some say "alexander".. and the movie actually lasted more than 2 hours.. bout 2 and a half... watched early bird and my stomach was grumbling halfway during the show.. lol

pity my stomach... only got to eat lunch at 2 plus in salam.. OJ joined us there.. and mamak food damn expensive ler. eat some maggi mee ayam also RM4.50 dee... sigh.. mental note:do not go to mamak stalls and order anything with meat... =/

just when i tot it was time to go home to get some sleep.. then someone suggested go snooker.. haha.. 5 of us went for snooker; yw, me, von, chi and ferdi.. same old place, infinity.. but played for less than an hour ler... but when the time i reached home also, it's about time to go out..

promised ian to help him take some videos for his church's parents day presentation with my camera.. our shooting place is at ian's house and also su jing's place... cast: ling, kitmay, jason, su jing's bro
director: ian
camera-man: me
at least, i'm back home for dinner... i almost forgot how tiring it can be going out the whole day.. weariness seeping thru my veins...


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