Sunday, May 08, 2005

found this particular post in friendster.. think it's quite worth to read...
enjoy! =)

"Guys,realize that the girl holding onto u..
is PERFECT in their own special way.

The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..
The way she loves you..
The way she tries to please you...

Always remember that.

She can always walk away and up,
getting someone else who can love her more.

For all you know,
there is someone out there wooing her already,
but she is rejecting,
a maybe perfect love for you.

There might also be someone out there..
who is willing to love her more than you are loving
her now,
fufill her every need and love her as much as she
loves you.

Understand that.

Girls have a huge guilty concience.
...imagine this, guys.
When you are holding her today...
and then you cheat on her by hugging and kissing
another gal.
and then you run back to her...
and u do the same....
but you see love in her eyes...
What do you think?
Do you feel the hurt?
Can you feel guilty?

She loves you not because you are good looking,
have money,
buy her things,
make her parents happy,
or that you have a car or bike.

It's because..
she loves you.... n FOR YOU.
she loves the way you laugh,
the way you sleep,
the way you hug and hold her,
make every little bad thing go away.
That's why she loves you.
Always remember that.

There might be another guy...
who wants to have what you have.
So dun let relationships run wrong.
You might never have another chance with that
Dun regret when you lost a gem.."


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Becky said...

I totally agree...*grin*