Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back to School

typical wednesday it was to start off with waking up early for basketball in fairpark.. but wat was different was tht i had to rush home middle of the game cause i was in dire need of the toilet... my stomach was giving me excruciating pain until i can't even run... haha.. had to be back home to shit.. =P

went to school in the afternoon with von to visit jv, cheryl and jinann.. when we reached there, kah hon was already there (saw geraldine and richard in lsc too).. ooh, i saw our new toilet building.. damn freaking 'gaya'.. tinted doors and there's even ceiling fans in the toilet.. haha... other thn tht, nvr changed much though.. we had our 'lunch' in food court where i tried the waffles for the first time.. it was not bad at all...after eating outside food for a while, canteen food is still the best.. drinks are below RM1 and food hardly reaches RM2.. haha... did alot of talking and chit chatting there.. the atmosphere in lsc was so cosy tht we cld stay there for the whole day.. but it's runnning late.. b4 we knew it, it was already 4 smtg..

after fetching jinann back, we headed straight to mich's house for dinner.. her mom prepared food for us jst for a mini gathering... we were the latest ppl who arrived.. the rest of the world was already there, playing uno.. ferdi, anand, jason, ian, yweng, OJ, ee lin, mich, von and i... played cards till dinner (which was actually teatime cause we had out 'dinner' at 550)... her mom prepared nasi lemak.. all in separate fav dish is of course, the mutton curry.. lol.. yummyyy..
ooh, and the worst part of the day was when we palyed the 'water game'.. i had one full teaspoon of belacan... blehkkzz.. cld have vomitted... my stomach and throat was burning... we did lots of other stunts ler, like yweng become 'fei mau', anand and eelin becomes the perverted monkeys and OJ shaking his ass vigorously.. lol..

all in all, it's quite fun lerr.. though i think i have less sleep during the holidays.. guess i'll make tmr "sleeping day"'s time for a good rest..


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shireenheng said...

lol stomach ache,go home and shit also tell the whole world in ur blog!