Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Clearwater Sanctuary..

How do i get started? well, let's see.. today was supposed to be a taiping zoo trip but because we couldn't get any tickets (no tix to taiping) in medan gopeng yesterday, we had 2nd thoughts whether it's a good idea to actually go thru all tht trouble just to see animals~!.. Kinda figured tht it wasn't worth it (duh~!) and we decided to go to this clearwater sanctuary for sports instead which is located in batu gajah...
It was almost a failure cause we couldn't get anyone to drive... We needed 2 cars and yee weng is one tht confirmed can be driven.. then it's supposed to be boon jin but because of some circumstances, he couldn't drive there (not to mention he chose not to go with us).. Just as we were telling everyone tht it's cancelled, miraculously, yvonne's parents let her drive there but with a condition; she has to fetch her mum at 1pm.. (yay~! trip's still on)

And since we have to be back early, we have to depart early... met up in cgmc at 7am.. and we have new company~! king pui and king fu.. they followed yee weng's car there together along with jason ling and ian.. while ferdi, me and michelle followed yvonne's car...
Took us about 40min to reach there.. our first impression was like.. woww, this is the country life.. with lakes and trees all around us.. but anyway, we started off with tennis.. spent an hour playing tht (8am-9am).. king pui was v good though.. could even defeat jason ling easily.. haha.. while yweng doesn't have a racquet, he go play basketball and did some slam dunk in one of those kiddy lil basketball ring... haha.. and while ferdi and i was being a noob, we played with each other while the girls joined us later for a mixed doubles... (finally i learned how to serve.. poor noobs..)

next stop, we went cycling after much consideration.. this was the 'major' event for us la.. haha.. since there were 9 of us and 5 aren't members... we split up the cost cause a bike costs RM10 per hour for non members.. but it was a good investment.. we cycled all around the place, venturing thru beautiful scenaries, golf courses..(there was once we were chased by a golf cart cause we werent' to cycle near the golf courses) but our 'major' destination was to go to the "anna and the king" set.. we cycled thru upslope and downslopes, thru rocky and sandy earth, just to seek this anna and the king thingy.. and after much sweat and muscle strain, we finally found an illegal entrance into the thing.. by then, we were all exhausted and tired out from cycling for more than an hour.. (and tht's why we rushed thru the place fearing we have to pay extra for the bikes)
we took this one BIG bend to find the place.. but turns out to be very near the clubhouse (our pit stop for free cold water) and ian felt v exotic to be inside an abandoned place.. ;P

once we returned the bike, all of us just sat down dead on benches facing the pool.. oh, and the pool was v well decorated and nicely placed.. with weird shapes and a 'mini waterfall' (higher 3m pool to a lower 1.5m one) and since the water looks tempting (and it's almost 11am), we swam right after we took back our breathe...
all of us swam except for the girls and ferdi... we played a fool and had fun there.. taking pictures, doing sommersaults, throwing ppl into the water (not to mention kicking ferdi into the pool).. haha.. we raced with each other, talking to each other in the water and all those stupid stuff.. it's more of a leisure sport, where it wasn't strenous and there's tree above us covering us from the sun... it was superb... it's like living a life in a resort.. haha.. and since the clock's pointing noon, we took our bathe, preparing to have lunch and leave... and good news came~! von's dad called her and told her tht she need not be back so soon... cause he'll be fetching her mother... how sweet of her dad to be so understanding..

Haha..and lunch was another adventure.. at first, we wanted to eat at the clubhouse but everything was so expensive.. fried rice costs RM10 (but members have 35% disc).. everything looks so expensive, so, everyone decided to journey back to ipoh to eat.. (did i mention tht we didn't even have breakfast?!) But while we were driving out of the club, i suddenly came out with an idea to go to kampar to have chicken bun for lunch... haha... all of them got conned by me.. i told them it's just somewhere nearby..(or so i thought so).. but it turns out, we had to journey back to simpang pulai.. and took the other turn to go to kampar which took like another 30min maybe? haha... seeing all the food stalls by the side of the road tempted us to stop by and hv some tid bits.. lol...
but we journeyed on and reached kampar at around 1pm or so... we went back to this kam ling restaurant where i ate the last time i went to kampar with the capt ball ppl.. at first, we ordered one Large Chicken Bun and one plate of Fried Rice.. but after finishing all of them, everyone said tht they were still hungry and ordered another Large Chicken Bun.. and the large one means LARGE.. which costs RM35 per bun.. but since they said it's brunch and all of them were hungry.. haha.. it was well worth it.. it was delicious la.. and all of our stomach are filled up when we stepped out of the restaurant.. costs RM10 per person...

After tht only we went back home... at first, we decided to go to the newly opened Giant.. but when we reached to the pantai puteri hospital there, it started to rain heavily and we decided not to go anymore since we were all tired and it was raining... reached home at about 3 plus... and i slept till 8pm.. haha... all in all, it was a fun trip.. kinda like a road trip + sports in a club.. haha.. a memory to remember...

the pools

relaxing right in front of the pool..

what the hell is ian trying to hide?!

the non-swimmers



at the anna and the king site

alien invasion..


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jit Vern's Birthday

we celebrated jv's birthday in ICCC at 12 noon.. at first, the venue was supposed to be in yeolde greentown, but cause he got this iccc discount voucher of 30% for his bday in this month, he last minute changed to place... it was an all guy celebration.. there were only jv, bj, me, yw, yew lok and lik wai... boon jin and lik wai was abit dissapointed cause they brought their cameras;expecting alot of girls to be there... hahaha.... all of us had western food, and by the end of the meal, jv had a surprised 'gift'.. a gift from jinann.. she came all the way to iccc just to pass him a cake.. in fact, she dind't even come inside, just passed the cake to ian to give it to him.. the cake was quite delicious.. it's a homemade butter cake with chocolate chips as its topping tht spelled "VERN".. how sweet of her... in fact, it's v thoughtful for anyone to bake a cake for ur bday.. esp of the opposite sex... lol... =p (atsome level, will feel kinda touched)
after everthing, we took pictures at of ourselves at the car park area.. as usual, we nbtd, go take stupid pics.. haha..

went home and slept till church.. was supposed to join jv and his family for dinner staemboat in iccc and then to karaoke, but i had church... and i told my mum tht i'll be home for dinner.... even the salam thing (organised by cindy), i didn't even go.. dun feel like going... hmm.. shall call it a day..

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back to School

typical wednesday it was to start off with waking up early for basketball in fairpark.. but wat was different was tht i had to rush home middle of the game cause i was in dire need of the toilet... my stomach was giving me excruciating pain until i can't even run... haha.. had to be back home to shit.. =P

went to school in the afternoon with von to visit jv, cheryl and jinann.. when we reached there, kah hon was already there (saw geraldine and richard in lsc too).. ooh, i saw our new toilet building.. damn freaking 'gaya'.. tinted doors and there's even ceiling fans in the toilet.. haha... other thn tht, nvr changed much though.. we had our 'lunch' in food court where i tried the waffles for the first time.. it was not bad at all...after eating outside food for a while, canteen food is still the best.. drinks are below RM1 and food hardly reaches RM2.. haha... did alot of talking and chit chatting there.. the atmosphere in lsc was so cosy tht we cld stay there for the whole day.. but it's runnning late.. b4 we knew it, it was already 4 smtg..

after fetching jinann back, we headed straight to mich's house for dinner.. her mom prepared food for us jst for a mini gathering... we were the latest ppl who arrived.. the rest of the world was already there, playing uno.. ferdi, anand, jason, ian, yweng, OJ, ee lin, mich, von and i... played cards till dinner (which was actually teatime cause we had out 'dinner' at 550)... her mom prepared nasi lemak.. all in separate dishes..my fav dish is of course, the mutton curry.. lol.. yummyyy..
ooh, and the worst part of the day was when we palyed the 'water game'.. i had one full teaspoon of belacan... blehkkzz.. cld have vomitted... my stomach and throat was burning... we did lots of other stunts ler, like yweng become 'fei mau', anand and eelin becomes the perverted monkeys and OJ shaking his ass vigorously.. lol..

all in all, it's quite fun lerr.. though i think i have less sleep during the holidays.. guess i'll make tmr "sleeping day"..it's time for a good rest..


Sunday, May 08, 2005

found this particular post in friendster.. think it's quite worth to read...
enjoy! =)

"Guys,realize that the girl holding onto u..
is PERFECT in their own special way.

The way she laughs..
The way she sleeps..
The way she loves you..
The way she tries to please you...

Always remember that.

She can always walk away and up,
getting someone else who can love her more.

For all you know,
there is someone out there wooing her already,
but she is rejecting,
a maybe perfect love for you.

There might also be someone out there..
who is willing to love her more than you are loving
her now,
fufill her every need and love her as much as she
loves you.

Understand that.

Girls have a huge guilty concience.
...imagine this, guys.
When you are holding her today...
and then you cheat on her by hugging and kissing
another gal.
and then you run back to her...
and u do the same....
but you see love in her eyes...
What do you think?
Do you feel the hurt?
Can you feel guilty?

She loves you not because you are good looking,
have money,
buy her things,
make her parents happy,
or that you have a car or bike.

It's because..
she loves you.... n FOR YOU.
she loves the way you laugh,
the way you sleep,
the way you hug and hold her,
make every little bad thing go away.
That's why she loves you.
Always remember that.

There might be another guy...
who wants to have what you have.
So dun let relationships run wrong.
You might never have another chance with that
Dun regret when you lost a gem.."


Saturday, May 07, 2005

it's been quite a long time since i last saw chee lim.. well, kinda promised tht i'll look for her... so, ended up having tea in secret recipe with chee lim and von.. surprisingly though, we bumped into jitvern and cheryl there.. cause jv's bro wanted to buy SR cake for mother's day... did some catching up with each other there..

night plan: yeolde english organised by anand.. well, found out during tea tht yvonne was going to yeolde english at 9pm too but was invited by cindy.. is it just a pure coincidence or izzit the same thing?
anyhow, von and i followed ferdi after mass as we've no transport.. picked up cindy and asked her bout the 'plan'.. haha.. turns out, it's the same thing... lol.. since the 'appointment' is at 9, and church ends around 8, we headed to tesco cause ferdi wanted to buy wine and cindy needed to look for yian bout the elim camp form.. but we visited alot of ppl there though; liyen and chee leong..
okay, von and i can't tahan dee.. cause too hungry.. hehe.. we went to buy roti boy to alas perut first b4 going to yeolde..
wasn't too many ppl there though.. only anand, xingmin, yek keng, jill, thiru.. but later, alot of couples came, like weitek&jill, ricky&liyen, eelin.. then saw waikit& christine, kitloong&yeuwei..

wanted to go out longer but since tmr's mother's day... and they wanted to wake up not too late the following day.. we called it a day right b4 midnight.. tiring day actually..


Thursday, May 05, 2005

i wonder when was the last time i went for a movie.. probably about a month or so; watched "kingdom of heaven".. at first, i tot it was some chinese show.. cause mostly chinese shows has similar titles such as that.. only realised it wasn't when the movie started.. lol.. the planning was kinda surprising though.. at first, yvonne suggested to watch some movie.. and asked me to call some ppl.. i abit the malas la... and she called michelle.. so i tot, maybe just one small group of fella la.. but when i went there.. i saw ian, jason lnig and chi, yw, ferdi, kean fatt.. lol.. such a big group..
was quite a shock though.. haha..but acted all normal ler..

show was not bad at all ler.. kinda reminds me of lotr, star wars (some certain scenes), troy and some say "alexander".. and the movie actually lasted more than 2 hours.. bout 2 and a half... watched early bird and my stomach was grumbling halfway during the show.. lol

pity my stomach... only got to eat lunch at 2 plus in salam.. OJ joined us there.. and mamak food damn expensive ler. eat some maggi mee ayam also RM4.50 dee... sigh.. mental note:do not go to mamak stalls and order anything with meat... =/

just when i tot it was time to go home to get some sleep.. then someone suggested go snooker.. haha.. 5 of us went for snooker; yw, me, von, chi and ferdi.. same old place, infinity.. but played for less than an hour ler... but when the time i reached home also, it's about time to go out..

promised ian to help him take some videos for his church's parents day presentation with my camera.. our shooting place is at ian's house and also su jing's place... cast: ling, kitmay, jason, su jing's bro
director: ian
camera-man: me
at least, i'm back home for dinner... i almost forgot how tiring it can be going out the whole day.. weariness seeping thru my veins...


Sunday, May 01, 2005

not very likely tht my parents come down to kl and do some shopping with my siblings.. well, we attended our cousin's wedding dinner and today is scheduled to just cruise around kl~!
our main item is shopping in oneU.. almost everyone in the family; dad, mum, grace, rosemary and husb, james and bf, and me~! my mum had her early mother's day celebration though.. where she's actually on shopping spree.. for me, i only bought one big polo luggage for me to take down to sg to study...
walking the whole day is tiring.. the killer is actually went to see house with father and bro.. under the hot sun in the stuffy weather, and walk to see houses... =/
bumped into alot of ex's though...dad bumped into my sis's ex in oneU (matthew) and during dinner my bro's ex (amelia).. must be some ex's day...
oh well, dad drove aronud 140-160 back to ipoh... probably during the slowdown due to heavy downpour.. scarryy... lol..