Friday, April 15, 2005

wow... it's been a while since i last blogged.. must be every night busy playing dota with ian, jason, and boon jin... morning and evening also.. sports, sports, sports.. not a too bad life style ya? at least, there's sports involved.. instead of staring at the monitor screen 24/7..

speaking of sports.. today's capt ball practise was quite erm.. 'fun'.. haha.. we actually got to play with girls all the way from singapore... well, it all started from us, having our training as usual at the basketball court.. I was resting near the fence when i saw this group of tall, beautiful, nicely toned gals all dressed up in sports attire.. One of them came up to me over the fence and asked us whether they could join us for a game or two.. well, of course, as friendly as we are.. we accepted their request.. those women.. (11 of them) are from hsbc company coming to ipoh for some inter-region competition.. where there's netball, soccer, etc.. the elim girls are like little dwarves when compared to them.. (well, abit the exaggerated) oh well, but when it comes to capt ball, we won them la.. cause we had proper training while they only got basic (or rather quite pro) netball skills.. at least, we get more exposure from different type of ppl... ooh, and there's this one chick.. big eyes, fair skinned, TALL (and i do mean tall), name's shalim or smtg.. got to know her while she was being the catcher and i was the defender.. lol..

oh well, competition's next saturday... leaving to kl on friday... got some outing on thursday to kampar... guess my holidays not too boring either.. :)


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