Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A trip to Kledang Hill...

Finally, after talking for so long bout going to kledang hill, the plan has been executed... all thnx to ian's will to organise it... As you've guessed, had to wake up super early for it... we left at 630 in 2 cars.. one with ian, me, yweng and ferdi, another car there's andrea, jason ling and chi, jit sing (dunno how to spell his name)..
Fortunately for us, yweng is quite familiar with the routes around kledang hill.. cause he used to go there quite often... and of course we dind't take the 'normal route', we took the jungle trail... According to them, it's the 2nd hardest trail la.. haha.. the hardest one is all the way right up to RTM station which cld take 3 hours... and u need ppl to guide you along the tracks... it was good exercise, although it's REALLY REALLY TIRING~!! jason and yeeweng being first to reach the 'finishing line', then me (my stamina still not very good).. then ian's being a kind chap.. he stayed back to take care of the rest ie jason chi, ferdi and jit sing (he's quite fat actually).. lol... i kinda respected him though, to actually being persevere enough to finish climbing it.. (actually, he doesn't has much choice cause it's a Lllooonngg way down)

took the shortcut back down... which took around half an hour... wheras our journey up took us from 45min (jason ling they all) to and hour plus (the rest).. went for pork mee again at the same place we went yest.. sigh... two days in a row pork mee.. lol.. now feel kinda tired... shall have a nice afternoon nap later... =)

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ian in action

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look at the look on the face.. gonna reach the top after a whole day of climbing...

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what are they thinking!??! luckily they're no gals around..

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liljooules said...

foooh..the pics..freaking glad i was nowhere near..ahaha..

and u still play o2jam??

btw..scrabble is not a game to play when u are bored..i play that when i'm NOT bored..

i even played when i was out yumcha with friends..they brought it