Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Outing trip to Kampar

I wasn't really quite informed bout this trip.. as in, nobody confirmed bout the time, etc.. oh well, I'm quite a lone ranger when it comes to the capt ball team.. no 'kaki' for me.. But i did call adrian though at about 4.50pm in which i heard that we'll be departing like around 5pm.. I didn't had transport and thought that, might as well don't go lar.. but around 5.15pm like that.. adrian called said he's on his way now to pick me up.. lol... rushed to bathe and they arrived while i was changing.. hehe... He had to pick up 'ah ying' too from ipoh gdn... Later, when we reached back in elim, had to wait for ricky tan and adele to come... While chris's car already on his way to kampar...

At first, i didn't even know of all places.. why kampar?? Soon, i found out it was because my team's captain, edward, who couldn't make it for the comp cause he has exam on the day itself, was studying in TarC which is in Kampar... And we go there to give him a surprise visit.. How sweet eh? lol..

Anyway, went to fetch edward and went to kam ling restaurant rest to eat CB(chicken bun), tong fun and fried rice... the bun is like so HUGE even though we ordered a small one... RM36 for 'yin yong' (both curry and tong gui)..After dinner,we went to this butik & cafe shop where we can actually shop and eat at the same time.. it's a boutique and you can order drinks, food, etc. Went to pasar malam for some jln jln.. and then home~! =) quite alrite la.. although the way adrian drives the van can be quite dangerous ...


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