Thursday, April 21, 2005

Out for lunch with chin ping all of a sudden.. woke up in the morning (almost noon actually) and decided to go out.. haha... and for the first time, i actually dind't manage to finish my lunch.. probably cause i finsihed my breakfast at 12pm, ate light lunch at 1pm (kena force) and then kenny roger's at 2pm plus.. sigh.. my stomach ain't as elastic as last time liao... =( saw ian and jason celebrating jo's bday in jj... early bday.. haha.. dunno why dun wanna be on that day itself also..

Last day of capt ball practise.. at first, i tot it was cancelled.. cause it's supposed to be at 4pm but it was raining heavily... (besides, i only got to reach home from jj at about 430) well, took the opportunity to take a nap while waiting for the rain to stop...
Reached elim at around 530pm... had a LONG warm up (thanx to peter yeap) and a briefing of the rules and regulations (Now only they come and tell us~!) Wonder after the copaiba this year.. i'll ever be going bk to play anot... =/


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