Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mariaville Family Carnival

after months of preparation and complaining from my mum, everything passed by just like that in 4 hours... it was a success.. i myself never expected so many people to turn up.. it was like crowded from 9am all the way throughout 11am plus... it began to be deserted when the food ran out... lol

i was supposed to take charge of some pony ride photo taking thing.. my job - to issue out receipts so that parents can redeem their child's pic from the photographers... and i met this girl (whose in front of the laptop printing photos) and chatted with her since we got no business... =) she's quite friendly; f5 leaver from amc...

oh..imagine, i got 18 booklets to spend~! crazy... worth rm180.. dunno what to buy also.. bought almost everything from the stalls.. in the end, gave up cause can't finish the coupons.. i spend one booklet in each store... hehe.... came back with the backseat filled up with food in the kelisa.. too bad i can't spend it on games... too kiddish liao... haha.. then there's this 'gambling game'.. where you have to guess the weight of a hamper and the number of grounduts in a bottle.. the person closest to the answer gets some prize.. *woot*

not many ppl that i know went there... only some of my church friends and annie lau... hehe.. at least,she kept her promise... never see kitmay there though... probably she's busy... wasted her RM10 for buying a ticket book from me... *grins*

oh well, today last day of work... shld be happy.. but quite tired already now... sigh..

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liljooules said...

i woke up after an hour of sleep just to go there..u see..annie damn nice right??