Saturday, April 16, 2005

it's been quite some time since i went out till late at night.. in fact, i dind't feel like going out also... but i already promised von that will go out with her for a game of pool one day.. well, i'm able to use the car tonight, so, what the heck... went out at 10pm...

well, unfortunately.. cue 1's pool is out of the question.. cause, it so happened to be close down.. just the pool section... ended up playing snooker on top of 'infinity' (formerly known as walknet).. our one game lasted an hour... 9.60 an hour.. (actually they charged us 10.40, 65min) sigh.

went ramly after that. yummy... lol.. then that von say if she's gonna gain 5kg after that, she'll chop me into pieces.. haha... pity her... oh well, quite enjoyable.. even though it's not in a big group... but i missed dota tonight.. sigh. oh well, there's always tmr. :)


1 comment:

vOn said...

pity me??????

wadayamean from det phrase man???

oh i m so gonna chop u into pieces de next time i cya man...count on it!!! u really need 2 belanja me liao....