Monday, April 04, 2005


finally, i've free of work from jusco (although it only lasted for like 2 weeks).. but it's really very tiring lor.. stand whole day like that... basically, we do nothing cause weekdays not many customers.. only weekends got mroe ppl...
but anyway, it was quite fun lar come to think of it.. get to go crazy with friends, do crazy stuffs, lots of pretty gals to see.. not to mention the sub and vincci gals.. lol

spent half of the day in jj.. partly cause we've to go there at 830am to clear all the stocks.. mine finished by 930.. but jason they all.. lol.. lasted till almost noon.. actually, they got paid until 330pm cause they've to go back to the loading bay to punggah stock to the lorry.. so, meantime, they got paid while playing bowling, capcom, mcD and also loittering around.. hehe

after their official 'retirement' we went to play dota in "infinity" or formerly known as walknet.. the workers there very pretty wan.. lol.. they only hire females.. hehe... bj and ferdy joined us for dota though... oh, saw yiwen and the twins in jj b4 that...

finally, i'm back to my old boring and useless life.. hehe... it's quite intrsting la IMHO.. but only can be like this for like 2 or 3 months only... then go uni liao.. sigh..


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Anonymous said...

ahhh!! heard a lot ppl said tat d girls from walknet are very pretty, must check it out next time!