Thursday, April 07, 2005

damn, i woke up super late today... was supposed to go for a movie and meet at jj at 1.15 wan.. but i woke up at 12.20 ; cause of a telephone call. It was gary.. he needed some help.. desperate help.. his car ran out of black oil.. was literally empty.. then he said he needed me to drive him to buy one.. i was like... "right, i'm sure to be super late".. but he asid it'll only take 15 min.. fair enough.. i went over, dinesh was at his house also.. he said he needed to go greentown to cash in his cheque to buy the black oil.. BUT... we couldn't find the bank.. haha... it's RHB bank.. we went in circles and cldn't locate it... finally, i borrowed him money to buy the black oil from petrol station.. by the time i went home.. it's already 1pm..

i rushed.. bathed and eat.. managed to reach jusco at 1.20.. hehe... guess i'm not THAT late after all.. cause yiwen and the twins reached minutes after i did... :P went to watch miss congeniality 2... cinema was practically empty.. mostly malay couples... hmm...

went secret recipe after the movie.. ate cakes, chatted a bit... the usual.. but surprisingly, yiwen go pay for the meal... haha.. how nice of her.. some more pay with a RM100 bill... went back after that lor.. almost 5.. went home to sleep till dinner... haha... =)


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