Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boon Jin's Treat

finally, a treat from our very own Perak's 5A student.. buffet at MP's steamboat... not bad eh? haha.. almost became a gay fest again.. but there's only one girl.. jill.. =) the thing lasted from 7pm till the shop closes at 11pm.. lol..
we ate alot.. did alot of stuppid things... like making our very own stupid videos.. haha.. you know, the chairs there are kinda 'bouncy'.. then we use our 'creativity' to make use of it... (*grins* not supposed to show ppl the video..)
planned for a game of graffiti when we go home.... and i played dota on where for the first time, i got a 15 - 1 using necro.. lol... shld practise more... :)


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