Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A trip to Kledang Hill...

Finally, after talking for so long bout going to kledang hill, the plan has been executed... all thnx to ian's will to organise it... As you've guessed, had to wake up super early for it... we left at 630 in 2 cars.. one with ian, me, yweng and ferdi, another car there's andrea, jason ling and chi, jit sing (dunno how to spell his name)..
Fortunately for us, yweng is quite familiar with the routes around kledang hill.. cause he used to go there quite often... and of course we dind't take the 'normal route', we took the jungle trail... According to them, it's the 2nd hardest trail la.. haha.. the hardest one is all the way right up to RTM station which cld take 3 hours... and u need ppl to guide you along the tracks... it was good exercise, although it's REALLY REALLY TIRING~!! jason and yeeweng being first to reach the 'finishing line', then me (my stamina still not very good).. then ian's being a kind chap.. he stayed back to take care of the rest ie jason chi, ferdi and jit sing (he's quite fat actually).. lol... i kinda respected him though, to actually being persevere enough to finish climbing it.. (actually, he doesn't has much choice cause it's a Lllooonngg way down)

took the shortcut back down... which took around half an hour... wheras our journey up took us from 45min (jason ling they all) to and hour plus (the rest).. went for pork mee again at the same place we went yest.. sigh... two days in a row pork mee.. lol.. now feel kinda tired... shall have a nice afternoon nap later... =)

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ian in action

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look at the look on the face.. gonna reach the top after a whole day of climbing...

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what are they thinking!??! luckily they're no gals around..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

booorrreeedddd..... sigh, these days, online also dunno do wat... this morning, the connection was freaking awful~! frequent timeouts; can't even surf, down, 02jam also down... ended up googling for stupid flash games... =/

however, morning wasn't so bad after all.. went breakfast with ian and jason in ipoh gdn south to eat 'pork mee'~! RM4.30 per bowl... crazy.. but they say it's worth tht money... lol... then, played scrabble in jason ling's house.. haha... the things ppl do when they get bored...

alritey then, back to aimless surfing again.. and lowyat is down.. =(


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Copa Iba...

my 2nd time joining the copa iba under elim gospel hall... we departed on friday at 5pm (supposedly to be 4) lepakked and had dinner in one U... as i've said b4, i'm kinda of a lone ranger la in their team.. cause most of them also chinese speaking and their cantonese also sooo deep wan.. haha... but there's this f4 amc girl, quite nice though... she come sit nxt to me to king kai with me.. haha.. (we call her 'ah yue') at least not so sien la.. i sound kinda sad eh? lol...
we slept at bandar utama's church for the night.. breakfast and snacks are being made by our 'supporters'; namely jessica ho, johana ho, yian yan,hui yi.. (and jin ann who only arrived this morning during the comp)

the competitino itself was not bad... though we didn't really had enough sleep the night b4... finished our briefing at 1am and wake up at 5am plus.. and the worse thing was.. i slept inside this small cubicle room.. and there's aaron kam, ricky and adrian inside.. and ADRIAN.. he SNORES like a wild boar having his big feast~! didn't really sleep properly tht night...
but fortunate for me, my role in the team is just to JUMP.. for i'm the 1st team's defender.. haha... not much of stamina...
we're being splitted into 4 groups.. each group consist of 5 teams... each group will play among themselves and the 1st and 2nd from each group will move on to the quarterfinals.. then i become hero.. the first 4 games (out of 5) i only let in 1 point only (actually, thanx alot to out superb defence).. then until the 5th game.. we're up against the defending champion team from 'bangsar'... we lost... then again, their catcher is taller than me some more with the additional height of the chair.. sigh..and jinann went to talk to some of the bangsar ppl.. and turns out that they do import ppl wan.. one of them is a national basketball player and another is kl basketball player.. waliao...
so, we got 2nd in our group.. and we proceeded on to the quarterfinalist against SGCC1.. tht match was by far for me, 'the match'.. those creeps are super rough... nvr give chance to girls wan.. just bang whoever that gets into their way.. and worse thing is, the catcher i'm sppsed to defend from, will actually press me downwards so tht i cldn't jump up high.. but thnx to initial warnings from chris, i played rather rough tht match... and i didn't even let a single ball slip into the hands of their catcher.. and we won~!

great achievement.. since the previous year, we reached up to quarterfinals only... now for the semifinals... we're up against SAGH (shah alam gospel hall).. tht team was damn good.. their defence was superb... we lost to them.. and it turns out, theyre the champion for this year's copa iba's capt ball. not bad eh? but that church quite friednly la.. and they played quite fair.. at least, we lose also lose satisfactorily... overall, it's quite fun la... get to meet new friends... but the only sideback is... I"M FREAKING DARK~!! lol.. at least now i'm tall, dark and err... (no comment)


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Out for lunch with chin ping all of a sudden.. woke up in the morning (almost noon actually) and decided to go out.. haha... and for the first time, i actually dind't manage to finish my lunch.. probably cause i finsihed my breakfast at 12pm, ate light lunch at 1pm (kena force) and then kenny roger's at 2pm plus.. sigh.. my stomach ain't as elastic as last time liao... =( saw ian and jason celebrating jo's bday in jj... early bday.. haha.. dunno why dun wanna be on that day itself also..

Last day of capt ball practise.. at first, i tot it was cancelled.. cause it's supposed to be at 4pm but it was raining heavily... (besides, i only got to reach home from jj at about 430) well, took the opportunity to take a nap while waiting for the rain to stop...
Reached elim at around 530pm... had a LONG warm up (thanx to peter yeap) and a briefing of the rules and regulations (Now only they come and tell us~!) Wonder after the copaiba this year.. i'll ever be going bk to play anot... =/


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Outing trip to Kampar

I wasn't really quite informed bout this trip.. as in, nobody confirmed bout the time, etc.. oh well, I'm quite a lone ranger when it comes to the capt ball team.. no 'kaki' for me.. But i did call adrian though at about 4.50pm in which i heard that we'll be departing like around 5pm.. I didn't had transport and thought that, might as well don't go lar.. but around 5.15pm like that.. adrian called said he's on his way now to pick me up.. lol... rushed to bathe and they arrived while i was changing.. hehe... He had to pick up 'ah ying' too from ipoh gdn... Later, when we reached back in elim, had to wait for ricky tan and adele to come... While chris's car already on his way to kampar...

At first, i didn't even know of all places.. why kampar?? Soon, i found out it was because my team's captain, edward, who couldn't make it for the comp cause he has exam on the day itself, was studying in TarC which is in Kampar... And we go there to give him a surprise visit.. How sweet eh? lol..

Anyway, went to fetch edward and went to kam ling restaurant rest to eat CB(chicken bun), tong fun and fried rice... the bun is like so HUGE even though we ordered a small one... RM36 for 'yin yong' (both curry and tong gui)..After dinner,we went to this butik & cafe shop where we can actually shop and eat at the same time.. it's a boutique and you can order drinks, food, etc. Went to pasar malam for some jln jln.. and then home~! =) quite alrite la.. although the way adrian drives the van can be quite dangerous ...


Saturday, April 16, 2005

it's been quite some time since i went out till late at night.. in fact, i dind't feel like going out also... but i already promised von that will go out with her for a game of pool one day.. well, i'm able to use the car tonight, so, what the heck... went out at 10pm...

well, unfortunately.. cue 1's pool is out of the question.. cause, it so happened to be close down.. just the pool section... ended up playing snooker on top of 'infinity' (formerly known as walknet).. our one game lasted an hour... 9.60 an hour.. (actually they charged us 10.40, 65min) sigh.

went ramly after that. yummy... lol.. then that von say if she's gonna gain 5kg after that, she'll chop me into pieces.. haha... pity her... oh well, quite enjoyable.. even though it's not in a big group... but i missed dota tonight.. sigh. oh well, there's always tmr. :)


Friday, April 15, 2005

wow... it's been a while since i last blogged.. must be every night busy playing dota with ian, jason, and boon jin... morning and evening also.. sports, sports, sports.. not a too bad life style ya? at least, there's sports involved.. instead of staring at the monitor screen 24/7..

speaking of sports.. today's capt ball practise was quite erm.. 'fun'.. haha.. we actually got to play with girls all the way from singapore... well, it all started from us, having our training as usual at the basketball court.. I was resting near the fence when i saw this group of tall, beautiful, nicely toned gals all dressed up in sports attire.. One of them came up to me over the fence and asked us whether they could join us for a game or two.. well, of course, as friendly as we are.. we accepted their request.. those women.. (11 of them) are from hsbc company coming to ipoh for some inter-region competition.. where there's netball, soccer, etc.. the elim girls are like little dwarves when compared to them.. (well, abit the exaggerated) oh well, but when it comes to capt ball, we won them la.. cause we had proper training while they only got basic (or rather quite pro) netball skills.. at least, we get more exposure from different type of ppl... ooh, and there's this one chick.. big eyes, fair skinned, TALL (and i do mean tall), name's shalim or smtg.. got to know her while she was being the catcher and i was the defender.. lol..

oh well, competition's next saturday... leaving to kl on friday... got some outing on thursday to kampar... guess my holidays not too boring either.. :)


Thursday, April 07, 2005

damn, i woke up super late today... was supposed to go for a movie and meet at jj at 1.15 wan.. but i woke up at 12.20 ; cause of a telephone call. It was gary.. he needed some help.. desperate help.. his car ran out of black oil.. was literally empty.. then he said he needed me to drive him to buy one.. i was like... "right, i'm sure to be super late".. but he asid it'll only take 15 min.. fair enough.. i went over, dinesh was at his house also.. he said he needed to go greentown to cash in his cheque to buy the black oil.. BUT... we couldn't find the bank.. haha... it's RHB bank.. we went in circles and cldn't locate it... finally, i borrowed him money to buy the black oil from petrol station.. by the time i went home.. it's already 1pm..

i rushed.. bathed and eat.. managed to reach jusco at 1.20.. hehe... guess i'm not THAT late after all.. cause yiwen and the twins reached minutes after i did... :P went to watch miss congeniality 2... cinema was practically empty.. mostly malay couples... hmm...

went secret recipe after the movie.. ate cakes, chatted a bit... the usual.. but surprisingly, yiwen go pay for the meal... haha.. how nice of her.. some more pay with a RM100 bill... went back after that lor.. almost 5.. went home to sleep till dinner... haha... =)


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Boon Jin's Treat

finally, a treat from our very own Perak's 5A student.. buffet at MP's steamboat... not bad eh? haha.. almost became a gay fest again.. but there's only one girl.. jill.. =) the thing lasted from 7pm till the shop closes at 11pm.. lol..
we ate alot.. did alot of stuppid things... like making our very own stupid videos.. haha.. you know, the chairs there are kinda 'bouncy'.. then we use our 'creativity' to make use of it... (*grins* not supposed to show ppl the video..)
planned for a game of graffiti when we go home.... and i played dota on where for the first time, i got a 15 - 1 using necro.. lol... shld practise more... :)


Monday, April 04, 2005


finally, i've free of work from jusco (although it only lasted for like 2 weeks).. but it's really very tiring lor.. stand whole day like that... basically, we do nothing cause weekdays not many customers.. only weekends got mroe ppl...
but anyway, it was quite fun lar come to think of it.. get to go crazy with friends, do crazy stuffs, lots of pretty gals to see.. not to mention the sub and vincci gals.. lol

spent half of the day in jj.. partly cause we've to go there at 830am to clear all the stocks.. mine finished by 930.. but jason they all.. lol.. lasted till almost noon.. actually, they got paid until 330pm cause they've to go back to the loading bay to punggah stock to the lorry.. so, meantime, they got paid while playing bowling, capcom, mcD and also loittering around.. hehe

after their official 'retirement' we went to play dota in "infinity" or formerly known as walknet.. the workers there very pretty wan.. lol.. they only hire females.. hehe... bj and ferdy joined us for dota though... oh, saw yiwen and the twins in jj b4 that...

finally, i'm back to my old boring and useless life.. hehe... it's quite intrsting la IMHO.. but only can be like this for like 2 or 3 months only... then go uni liao.. sigh..


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mariaville Family Carnival

after months of preparation and complaining from my mum, everything passed by just like that in 4 hours... it was a success.. i myself never expected so many people to turn up.. it was like crowded from 9am all the way throughout 11am plus... it began to be deserted when the food ran out... lol

i was supposed to take charge of some pony ride photo taking thing.. my job - to issue out receipts so that parents can redeem their child's pic from the photographers... and i met this girl (whose in front of the laptop printing photos) and chatted with her since we got no business... =) she's quite friendly; f5 leaver from amc...

oh..imagine, i got 18 booklets to spend~! crazy... worth rm180.. dunno what to buy also.. bought almost everything from the stalls.. in the end, gave up cause can't finish the coupons.. i spend one booklet in each store... hehe.... came back with the backseat filled up with food in the kelisa.. too bad i can't spend it on games... too kiddish liao... haha.. then there's this 'gambling game'.. where you have to guess the weight of a hamper and the number of grounduts in a bottle.. the person closest to the answer gets some prize.. *woot*

not many ppl that i know went there... only some of my church friends and annie lau... hehe.. at least,she kept her promise... never see kitmay there though... probably she's busy... wasted her RM10 for buying a ticket book from me... *grins*

oh well, today last day of work... shld be happy.. but quite tired already now... sigh..