Thursday, March 24, 2005

work today was kinda 'interesting' though... we had our 'perverted' day.. lol.. the story goes like this.. there's this gal working in sub.. at first, she was wiping the glass window lar.. i was out for toilet then.. when i came back, ian told me bout the gal.. everytime she bent down.. can see her butt wan.. and told me he was distracted by it... lol.. then later, when jason's around.. she was doing some packing stuff... then told jason la.. haha.. then he purposely take out his specs for a better look.. really quite obscene lar.. can see almost half off the butt... the butt line.. eeww... then jason got attracted to her liao.. say her body very nice... hahaha...

ooh, then there's this customer (guy).. damn freaking rich.. he went to jason's dep and bought 2 items from there.. 4 items from my dept and a few items from the other depts.. crazy man.. he's the first customer who managed to reach over the RM150 limit and get a Rm18.00 emilio valentino travelling bag worth RM199.. interested? come and shop.. :)

went to church at night for holy thursday.. can see the priest, and the "12 disciples".. 6 ppl on his right, another on the left... then got washing of the feet.. tmr work full day.. die.. =((

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