Saturday, March 19, 2005

USM talk.. *sighs*

lack of sleep, lack of sleep... sighs... slept at 1am plus in the morning but had to force myself to wake up at 545... i got ready by 6 but cp's parents only arrived near to 630.. then, off to penang~!

was crossing the penang bridge at 8am.. the talk starts at 9am but our stomach doesn't permit us to go straight there, so, cp's dad took us to bayan lepas (on the way there act) for breakfast.. quite cham go png to eat.. cause almost everyone speaks either hokkien or mandarin.. in which, both also we dunno.. haha.. so, we kinda communicate like broken english like that la.. hehe.. we ate bihun there and also some half boiled egg with butter toast bread.. quite nice.. :)

reached USM at 9am.. i was told that the whole thing supposed to be from 9am to 4pm.. k la.. fair enough.. but see see, it was such a big joke.. all we did was fill in some form, stating the courses that you want, and how good our grades are.. then, we go inside the room, and it happens to be some sort of a counselling session.. a man will talk to you on the job prospects, the requirements for a particular course;whether our grades fair enough to apply anot.. those stuff.. and in less than an hour, we're all done.. ready to go back.. lol... and it was just 9 smtg.. sigh..

as we could't decide on where to go... we spend the whole day in gurney plaza.. ya, you must think that it's very fun... but heck no~! it was bore like shit~!!.. it's kinda like going shopping with my family... cp's dad went off somewhere while he say will come back and pick us up.. then cp and her mum (like my sis and mum) went girl shopping while i just follow.. aihh.. but i did wander off myself la.. hehe..

went for lunch nearby.. ate those mee, mihun,ho jian, those type of stuff (kinda like hoong tho type wan, served in big plates then all of us share).. after that, as it was too hot for us to go anywhere, spend another 2 hours or so in gurney plaza again.. aih... rot again.. :(

after that, went to pulau tikus for some laksa while i had koay teow cause i dun take spicy food.. but i had a taste of the laksa lar.. damn good, very thick.. but very hot...~! wanted to go back aft that dee... but cp's dad wannna go carefour first...
only that, left png at around 545... went straight to church once i reached ipoh at 715.. it was palm sunday though.. they were all reading the psalms when i reached there....

went to stadium for dinner.. had a nice chicken maryland... ate out the whole day.. and i'm damn freaknig tired... but dun think that i'll be sleeping earlier tonight.. haha.. see lar... see my stamina can take me how far... :)

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