Friday, March 18, 2005

Sports ALL Day~!

sports in the morning, sports in the evening and sports at night.. sigh.. never knew i'm Thaaat sporty~!.. lol... actually, i almost missed the morning sports caused was still sleeping.. but luckily bj called me at 8 and i rushed; managed to reached there at 830 instead of 730 that was planned.. not many was there though.. only got bj, yew lok, kiat win and jason.. but at least, i'm not the latest.. ferdi was waaayyy later than me.. ;P

sports in the evening was as usual lar.. capt ball practise.. not much different though.. oh, and i finally wrote my 'essay' for the ntu scholarship liao.. haha.. but first, must send it to my sis for 1st evaluation b4 submitting it.. :)

sports at night wasn't that happening again.. not many ppl.. the same old guys la.. haha.. guess the 'jinx' is right lar.. b4 we started coming for it, there were so many gals.. now, hardly can see any... but there's a new face though, some std 4 kid called andrew. haha.. he so bersmngt wanna play lar.. and he's quite cocky for someone his size.. we played a while only.. left at 1130 to stadium and reached home b4 12..


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