Saturday, March 12, 2005

somehow, everytime when i've to wake up early in the morning.. i always get insomnia.. and the night b4... i slept at like 3 something when i've to wake up at 6 something.. gary's supposed to come at 7 to pick me up for a waterfall trip in simpang pulai... (yeah, i never realised there's a waterfall there too.. it's on the way to cameron highland's) but, he only came at 730.. sigh, msian time.. we had breakfast first though in canning b4 going there..
At the waterfall there.., well, we dipped ourselves in a hot 'spring' for a 'warm up'.. aaron drove us there with anand doshi sitting in front, gary next to me and his gf next to him... after the hot tub, we went on some 'jungle trailing'.. had to move through steep and hilly trails to lead us to the "waterfall".. well, once we reached there.. only to realise that it wasn't as good as b4.. the waterfall is actually a dam where water flows down.. had some fun there though, despite the fact that it's not as deep as b4.. it's merely knee deep when it reached their necks when they came last time. probably due to the damn draught.. haha.. i went right under the 'waterfall' falling down from the rocks... there's one where the 'force' is so great, my pants nearly came off.. lol.. luckily i had swimming trunks inside...
somehow, thanx to some ppl who decided to go to cameron. *ahem* we actually did go there just for the fun of it.. that gary say it's just 15 minutes drive from where we are.. see see, about almost an hour only we reached kg raja.. and the best thing was.. we went all the way up there, just to get petrol (and some fags for those faggers) and we came all the way down after that... the trip down was dreadful.. 80km/h on bends and 100++km/h on straight roads... gary almost puked after the ride (heineken did some contribution to it though).. reached ipoh at about 1 where aaron has to drop gary's gal in amc there... where her mum's supposed to pick her at.. hehe.. all of us was so tired that time..
went home, ate lunch, and straight to bed.. after 2 hours of nap, i've to wake up for capt ball practise.. practise was as usual though... went back at 6 and got myself prepared for the harvest event at yuk choy.. gary and i was supposed to go together there.. by 630, he said he'll be there in 10 min time.. i've to rush cause havent had my dinner and my bath yet.. see see, only came just b4 7... and worse thing is, aaron had to eat dinner and fetch some of his friends there... in the end, we only reached there at 730.. well, it just started also lar at that time..
the harvest event was quite so so la.. starting part was quite er.. not so interesting though... with ice breakers game and stuff.. then the 'concert' wasn't that good.. the vocals kinda like out of tune, and the songs.. haven't heard of them b4.. so, can't sing along... later, there's this speaker from australia.. when i hear the first few words he say, can see that he's a good speaker.. but unfortunately, there's a 'translator' who translates everything in chinese.. sigh.. spoil everything only la.. some translating was quite bad also.. meaning totally out..
but towards the end, it went much better... with 'healing' and 'prayer' session.. it was good though... the ended with a blast. everyone shouting, singing, dancing... well, at least the ending's good.. but all in all, it was quite alrite la.. oh, and the cgmc sketch.. hehe.. ian did wonders on the video la.. lol... then they had the real sketch on stage too.. by far, it was almost one of the best 'agenda' that's laid out..
after the event, followed jo back and had supper behind samtet with jason, jo, tim and suk mun... reached home quite late.. almost 1am.. have to follow ferdi to church tmr.. *feeling tired*


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