Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Planet Shaker's Concert...

finally.. after days of work.. have something to look fwd to... planet shaker's concert! lol.. life these days have been so mundane... sigh.. and i actually lost this 'yellow pass card' yesterday night.. hopefully i dropped in ian's car lar.. otherwise, need to pay a fine of RM10.. which is like about 2 and a half hours of work.. lol...

purposely ask for a morning shift so that can go for the planet shaker's concert which is held in yuk choy school at 730pm... my shift finishes at 6 while ian and jason at 7... pity them though, cause they have to rush.. while for me, i even took a nap b4 driving all of them there... hehe

the concert was quite alright.. started at 8.. in which all of us have to wait outside cause they won't let us in until 8.. it's really kinda stress releasing.. praising God, shouting your lungs out and jump till you it was quite fun.. the speaker qutie good lar... the band quite happening... managed to sell one mariaville ticket to kitmay... hehe..

tmr might go cut hair in ian's saloon.. hehe.. for the first time in 20 yrs.. i might change my hair style.. lol... wonder how it'll look like... and work for another 4 more days only... yay!

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