Tuesday, March 22, 2005

one big joke happened today... can't believe i can fall victim for it... sigh.. my mum asked me to help her troubleshoot the fax machine in her school.. fine lar, i tot it's just something simple.. cause it only involves simple faxing stuffs... well, so i did try la.. read the manual and follow exactly the steps.. but apparently there's no respond from the remote machine.. tried other ways and still the same... then only i realised.. the blardy phone line is not connected to the jack on the wall.. damn *char tou*.. sigh. i tested the line with another phone lar.. mmg no dial tone geh.. haha.. guess the first thing that we need to check is the connection on any machinery...

and i respect gary.... can actually make such a great move.. one giant leap with a girl he only know for a few hours.. lol.. better not put any details here... anyway, he kononnya wanna go gym in the evening.. but see see, go take me to his house for tea.. sigh.. then at night, i went out with him and ALOT of other bunch of ppl for futsal... though i dind't play, i only go there cause gary said he'll treat me ramlee burger after that... hehe... in which he did... yummy... :D (sigh, i'm gonna get fat)


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