Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Hair Style

after 20 yrs, i've finally decided that i'd give it a try to change my hairstyle.. haha.. at first, i thought of cutting it 'bald' type.. (those commando style) but come to think of it.. better not.. haha.. the day b4, while we (jason, ian and i) were working, we come out with different type of hairstyles lar.. looking at passerby's hair.. (but noticed most of them are bald)

in the end, ian took us to his 'hairdresser'; a saloon near antap cafe.. we were being greeted and served by ladies in their mid twenties.. lol.. i let the hairdresser to decide for me what kind of hairstyle suits me.. she said my hair is TOO wavy and thick.. ask me to cut short.. oh well, whatever goes... since i havent changed my hairstyle for the last 20 yrs..

the outcome was quite nice lar.. not bad at all. and it's only RM6~! (student price).. but i did the most horrible thing... when i bathed that time, my hair terkena water.. then gel on the fringe wear off dee.. came out, all slump down dee.. sigh.. tehn i tried to fix it.. but couldn't manage to lar.. partly, i was rushing for work also... in the end, when i was in ian's car.. they go laugh at me.. sahy my hair looks like some tokoh sejarah from sabah/sarawak wan.. aihhh... in the end, go change back to my normal hairstyle.. :(

then, during our dinner break, we went to shop for hair gels.. and i bought this "wax" thing.. recommended by euwen.. he said it's the latest trend right now.. haha.. the rest of the story.. hmm.. ntg much lar.. still the same old boring work life.. sigh.. but it's gonna end soon.. yay!! =)

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tHeAnSeNg said...

My hairdo is rm3 oni le. Inclusive of a hair wash also. =P Really wanna haf a look at ur new hairdo...