Wednesday, March 23, 2005

man, i'm so not used to working.... b4 this.. i've the day all by myself.. i can do whatever i like.. time is my ally... but now... i dun even have time to bathe man just now... the moment i came back from work, i though that i could have at least some one hour of time for myself.. but see see, i've to help my mum go scan some pics, edit it.. and go print it out.. dunno why, but i felt quite frustrated + irritated by then... but i shouldn't be, cause i did tell her that i'll help her... then this ferdi another case. cause he's supposed to be in the church choir.. now he wanna back out cause i can't come for prac on saturday.. sigh, i dun give a f* bout it dee... sick of persuading him to come..

tmr, i've to wake up early to work.. luckily at 10.. but i've to stand for 9 hours.. luckily got one hour break in btw... and come to think of the no time for myself.. sigh.. i've to skip all my capt ball practices, skip my choir practise.. luckily i can still go for easter mass... and my sis's is coming back this coming weekend.. won't really see her that often i guess.. oh well... who go ask me to work...?

then again, on the brighter side.. after this 2 weeks of *suffering*, i'm gonna be loaded with extra cash... AND.. i'm gonna appreciate the rest of the holidays awaiting for me.. =D


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