Wednesday, March 02, 2005

for the past few days since i last blogged... i've only been doing 2 things at home..
1. Watch the korean series "summer scent"
2. Read "angels and demons"

well, today was slightly different.. in fact, i dind't even watch summer scent at all.. haha.. i went to ian's house in the morning.. (afternoon actually cause i woke up at 12pm) to give him suggestions (actually, he only wanna let us see his masterpiece) on the sketch's video he's been editing.. Needless to say, he made miracles.. the video was actually a failure by itself.. so annoying and no storyline.. but with the power of video editing and ian's creativity.. he had saved it... made it more interesting and logical..
went to lunch with ian and jason ling came later.. ian had to fetch the sam tet president guy to his house to let him see the 'makeover'.. cause, he actually "demanded" for the video to be remade.. but he himself say that the video was very good after editing.. actually, i pity ian though.. cause the video is not his responsiblity at all.. but he put so much effort into it.. such a nice person he is rite?

anyway, evening went for basketball with the usual ppl.. but it rained heavily all of a sudden.. so, we just stood by the side, chatted among ourselves.. by the time rain stopped, we continued playing ; the 4 of us.. (yw had a date with gary)
spent my whole night trying to edit back my sister's wedding video... sigh, my comp's not fast enough to handle video editing.. and therefore it's quite frustrating having to wait unnecessary time... too bad my movie maker ain't working, cause it only uses up a little of the comp's resources.. hopefully, the magix video edit will be better enough for me to make the wedding dinner's video..

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