Sunday, March 27, 2005


easter sunday~! for the first tiem, i'm actually contributing something to the church.. by joining the choir...the songs are actually very nice though.. got 2 acapella songs.. one is "this is the day" and the other is "hallelujah chorus".. and i kinda blur blur that day.. dind't know that mass starts at 900am.. then i'm supposed to fetch my sister.. at 830. she still bathing... lol.. then i told her i needed to be there at 830 (and also thought that it starts at 830).. so, she followed li leen there and i reached there on time.. (in which got alot of later comers also but b4 9 la)..

after church, we took some choir photo and i joined my sister for breakfast in central canning gdn... sister wanted to treat a meal for my results and also since it's easter, so, my dad brought us to kok thai to eat at 12.. (chose there cause i can just walk to jusco to work later at 1pm)

btw, today's sales was extremely good.. actually made it about 2k.. 2.2k actually.. i think i can be some salesman liao... haha... managed to persuade 2 customers to purcase Rm150 above to get the travelling bag worth RM199 at only RM18 (purchase with purchase).. lol.. then pity jason they all.. cause they thought their pay is 500 over.. but after counting properly. it's only 400 plus (near to 500 la).. hmm... mine only 300 plus.... =(


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